Disney Fans Have Concerns About Questionable Dessert Design

Part of Your World Mousse
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Walt Disney World in Florida has given guests some truly genuine magic over the years. However, even the most beloved company must sometimes be called to answer when it makes a bad decision. Disney fans have recently pointed out a questionable dessert design offered at one of the Disney World hotels.

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All the Disney Resorts have various dessert offerings for Guests to enjoy, whether at Walt Disney World Resort or at Disneyland Resort

A History of Amazing Disney Desserts

Disney World has a rich history of offering diverse dessert options that Disney Foodies can’t help but love. From iconic Mickey-shaped ice cream treats to the refreshing Dole Whip at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s desserts have been a crucial element of the theme park experience. These treats are often creatively themed with unique flavors or designs.

Churros, cupcakes, and specialty cakes are popular favorites, while EPCOT’s International Food and Wine Festival offers a chance to explore global or interesting flavors, such as with this year’s Pickle Milkshake or Potato Salad Ice Cream. Signature dining restaurants provide high-end dessert experiences, and character dining events offer endless dessert buffets. With so many different ways to eat sweet concoctions with attention to detail, it’s amazing that Disney World let this recent offering slip through the cracks.

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Questionable Part of Your World Mousse

Twitter/X user Ryan from For the Love of Theme Parks recently shared a dessert offered at the Beach Club Marketplace in August. The sweet is called Part of Your World Mousse and features Ariel from The Little Mermaid in her classic rock pose from the movie’s poster.  The dessert is a blueberry mousse filled with lemon curd, milk chocolate mousse, and a strawberry cobbler bottom.

However, Ryan and Disney fans noticed that the chocolate silhouette of the famous mermaid sitting on a rock looked a little obscene. The blueberry mousse perch is relatively flat and features a milk chocolate mousse and cream topper. The chocolate Ariel is sitting on this portion, which strangely gives off a visual of the Disney Princess going to the bathroom. You can see it for yourself in the video footage below.

“Disney has released some pretty questionable food over the past few years,” Ryan hilariously narrates in the video. “But this is the Part of Your World Mousse where Ariel is…um…taking a s**t.”

The dessert has sadly been removed since the video went viral. It was only available from August 1 to 31 to celebrate World Princess Week. However, it will definitely be remembered for its unique and questionable design choice.

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