Disney Announces Sequel to a Beloved Fan-Favorite

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Most of the news surrounding the Walt Disney Company has been to do with the Mouse House’s current feud with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and truly, how could it not be? An issue that began over Disney voicing its disagreement with the “Don’t Say Gay” bill (officially called Parental Rights in Education Act) has escalated into lawsuits that both Disney and the new Reedy Creek Improvement District board (now called the Central Florida Tourism District) have filed against each other.

But now, we have some different news for fans that will make many incredibly happy; a beloved fan-favorite Disney movie will be getting a sequel!

cinderella castle at magic kingdom park, walt disney world resort

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

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Freaky Friday

Released in 2003, Freaky Friday is a remake of the original 1976 film and stars Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis in the lead roles. Lohan plays the role of Anna Coleman, a rebellious teenage girl who constantly clashes with her overprotective mother, Dr. Tess Coleman (played by Jamie Lee Curtis). Their relationship reaches a tipping point, and the pair magically find themselves inhabiting each other’s bodies and lives.

The movie was incredibly well-received and was also a commercial success. The movies (the original and the remake) were based on Mary Rodgers‚Äôs 1972 novel and Lohan and Curtis’s version grossed $160 million globally. Jamie Lee Curtis was even petitioning for a sequel to be made.

freaky friday

Jamie Lee Curtis has been campaigning for a Freaky Friday sequel.

The sequel

As¬†Deadline¬†reported, “A sequel to the 2003 body-swap comedy¬†Freaky Friday¬†is in the works at Disney with¬†Jamie Lee Curtis¬†and¬†Lindsay Lohan expected to reprise their roles.”¬†Not much is known about the sequel except that Elyse Hollander will be penning the script for the movie.

The 2003 movie was directed by Mark Waters and written by Heather Hach and Leslie Dixon. Waters is known for directing other popular films such as Mean Girls (2004), also a Lindsay Lohan starrer. Heather Hach is a screenwriter and playwright, and Leslie Dixon worked on films like Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) and Hairspray¬†(2007). At this moment, it’s unknown if these individuals will be part of the sequel.

Lindsay Lohan Freaky Friday

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday / Credit: Disney

While we will continue to keep readers updated on this movie and any related announcements, fans can expect to see Jamie Lee Curtis in the new Haunted Mansion movie set to release this summer.

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