Disney Genie+ Has Become a Must-Have at the Parks

Every Disney Guest is familiar with the Disney Genie suite. Whether you have had a positive experience with it or you’re more in the camp of those who are frustrated with the service, what all Disney Fanatics can undoubtedly agree with is that the service has become an inextricable part of the Disney experience.

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Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

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Disney Genie+, Lightning Lane, and Individual Lightning Lane

Every Guest is familiar with the Disney Genie suite. Genie Plus (Genie+) was introduced during former Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s tenure as the chief executive officer of the Walt Disney Company. As part of the three-piece puzzle of Disney Genie+, Lightning Lane, and Individual Lightning Lane, it quickly became the bane of many a Disney Guest’s Disney vacation.

The service allows Guests to pay to be in shorter lines and experience shorter wait times; it replaced the previously free FastPass and has made many unhappy, considering a previously complimentary service has now become paid. Executives from the Walt Disney Company have mentioned time and again that they “believe in the Disney Genie product”; translation: it’s not going anywhere. If anything, Disney’s announcements of the changes coming to the service only confirm its undeniable future at the Parks—be that Walt Disney World Resort and its Parks, or Disneyland Resort (with Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park).

genie looks concerned and disney genie+ logo

Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane / Images Credit: Disney

Genie+ at Disney Parks

Recently, some fans questioned the necessity of the Disney Genie suite at the Disney Parks. Disney Guest and Reddit user u/The4thWonder, asked, “Has anyone recently gone to the parks and NOT used Genie +?”

The OP elaborated that all the trip reports they’d seen recently included using Genie+, and they were curious to see how one might navigate the Parks without it.

Many responded, providing different videos the Guest could use to see what the experience would be like. They added, “The main takeaway is to hop in lines when the wait times are at a low point during the day.”

Beacons of Magic, Tree of Life, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Beacons of Magic, Tree of Life, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

Another fan said, “Yes, if you rope drop and can stay in the park from then until closing with extra magic hours (I think they were there until 11pm), AND you take no breaks, AND you quickly eat all your meals. They literally had to cram food down their throats right next to Space Mountain to make it in time.”

They also added it was possible as “a kind of endurance challenge for younger people with no kids. 14 hours of just nonstop rides and shows.” The user concluded, “I think the general consensus here is that if you have the luxury of time, genie+ is not a necessity.”


Sorcerer Mickey meet ‘n’ greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park/Credit: DVC Shop

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Ultimately, while the Disney Genie suite is an optional element to the Parks experience, it’s certainly challenging to plan a Park visit without it. And while we might wish it away, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro’s recent statements hint that complaints aside, we might want to get used to its presence.

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