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Disney Making Changes to “Simplify” Theme Parks, Make Them “Easier and More Accessible”

disney parks simplifying experience
Images Credit: Disney

The Disney Parks experience is singular. Going to a Disney Park is a dream vacation for many Disney Fanatics all over the world. From incredible attractions like Cinderella Castle, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Haunted Mansion to shows like “Fantasmic!” at any domestic and international Disney Theme Park—be that Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida, Disneyland Resort in Southern California, or one like Disneyland Paris or Hong Kong Disneyland.

However, some parts of the Disney experience have been less than ideal for Disney Guests—think like Theme Park prices, the Disney Genie suite with Genie+ and Lightning Lane (and the third, Individual Lightning Lane), among others.

Magic Kingdom Disney World

Mickey Mouse and Friends at Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

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Guest Complaints at Disney Parks

For a while now, Guests have been vocal about their frustrations about the Disney Parks experience, particularly about how complicated going to a Disney Park has become. Many have voiced that they spend most of their time at the Parks on their phones, trying to plan the trip or figure out how to navigate the Parks.

In the last few months, Disney CEO Bob Iger reinforced that Disney was listening to fans and working on simplifying the Disney Parks experience. In particular, Disney announced they’d be making changes to the Disney Genie suite to help Guests.

Guests dining in magic kingdom park

Guests dining in Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World / Credit: Disney

Josh D’Amaro: Disney Listening to Fans

Recently, Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro spoke at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology Conference, where he addressed a variety of issues, including the specific issue of simplifying the Disney Parks experience. Mr. D’Amaro explained that he spends a lot of time at the Parks listening to Guests, elaborating that “if I’m not in a meeting or on a plane, I’m at the Parks.”

Taking the specific example of Walt Disney World, Mr. D’Amaro said that Walt Disney World is 25,000 acres and the entirety of Manhattan could fit inside the Disney Resort. He also shared that there’s “probably as much to do in Walt Disney World as there is in Manhattan,” and it was Disney’s obligation to help serve Guests who are there on vacations, be that a 7-day-long one or a 3-day-long one.

Beacons of Magic, Tree of Life, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Beacons of Magic, Tree of Life, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

He added that Disney has invested a lot in technology to help Guests navigate these spaces and will continue to invest in technology that will “simplify the experience” and make the Theme Parks “easier and more accessible for Guests.”

Mr. D’Amaro also briefly shared a specific example of relaxing Theme Park reservations for Guests that are buying day-based tickets as evidence of Disney listening to fans. He shared some forward-looking statements about Disney’s changing pricing strategy in certain areas to make products more accessible, adding that Disney would be releasing more information about this soon.

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