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Disney+ Gives Update on ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ – Fans Respond

Cheaper by the Dozen Remake
Credit: Disney

On March 6, Disney+ announced that we are literally one dozen days away from releasing its reimagined version of Cheaper by the Dozen. 

Taking to Twitter, Disney’s streaming service tweeted, “Cheaper by the Dozen, an all-new movie, starts streaming on #DisneyPlus in a DOZEN days.” They also started a thread where they introduced each character with their own movie poster. 

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Starring Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union as parents Paul and Zoey, the Baker family features twelve kids named Deja, Ella, Seth, DJ…

….Harley, Haresh, Luca, Luna, Bronx, and Bailey…

…and two dogs.

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Remaking a beloved 20th Century Studios film starring Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt, Disney+’s new Baker family is a blended interracial family with the 12 kids coming together from Paul and Zoey’s past relationship.

However, ever since the first trailer dropped, fans have not been taking too kind to Disney’s latest recycling project. And this Tweet gave them a reason to voice their disapproval once again.

As one person said via gif, “No one asked for this.”

Another fan elaborated a little more, saying,

“My least favorite thing about D+ rn is that Disney doesn’t care about the quality of what they’re releasing. They’re having something for whatever IP they own produced whether it should or shouldn’t be and it’s almost all very mediocre.”

And another fan took a shot at Disney’s continued attempt to push diversity in its new productions, saying,

“Gay check! – Black check! – Handicap check! Ok now start to write a story…”

It is clear by the trailer (attached below) that Disney+ is attempting to tell an ultra-modernized version of a story that was written by Ernestine Gilbreth Carey in 1948. Going beyond supposed inclusion stats, Cheaper by the Dozen is expected to tackle some modern parenting problems. These include how to handle TikTok and other social media, and how to keep spirits high in a society that looks down on big families and has no idea why adults would want to have so many kids.

Cheaper by the Dozen arrives on Disney Plus on March 18.

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