Disney World Guests Demand Refunds Due to Excessive Ride Breakdowns

disney ride breakdowns
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Even though many Disney Fanatics associate Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort (not to mention the international Disney resorts) with “Disney magic,” the fact remains that Disney theme parks are, in fact, theme parks like any other.

This means that they also suffer from ride breakdowns, malfunctions, and unexpected closures like any other theme park attractions do (regardless of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust).


Disney’s Less-Than-Magical Malfunctions

Unfortunately, Disney rides have been breaking and malfunctioning at a higher and higher rate in recent months, so much so that some Disney Fanatics actually account for ride breakdown time when planning their Disney vacation days!

After a “super disappointing” Walt Disney World Resort visit recently, one family of Disney fans has begun clamoring for refunds from Guest Services.

Although many jaded Disney guests have predicted that the offended parties won’t receive compensation for their frustration, many former Disney visitors have actually mentioned some success on this front!

A Reddit user and Disney guest recently asked their fellow Disney World visitors if any of them had successfully been compensated after missing out on the Disney theme park rides due to unplanned closures.

Has anyone gotten any compensation for closed rides?
byu/isogonal-conjugate inWaltDisneyWorld

“Has anyone gotten any compensation for closed rides?” Reddit user u/isogonal-conjugate inquired in the post shown above.

“We arrived at Hollywood Studios today and most of the main attractions we wanted to do have been closed due to technical issues for a few hours already and I am not feeling optimistic about them opening for the rest of the day. This is super disappointing,” the Disney guest finished mournfully.

Is a Refund Request Worthwhile?

Another Disney guest responded with a happy ending: after losing out on three Genie+ reservations because of malfunctions and bad weather, they took their family to Disney’s Guest Services and were actually compensated in the form of three EPCOT Individual Lightning Lane passes for the following day.

It’s “always worth asking guest services in the park!” the Disney Word fan declared.

byu/isogonal-conjugate from discussion

The Value of Low Expectations

Another Disney fan tempered that excitement, explaining that any disgruntled or inconvenienced Disney World visitors can certainly “ask at Guest Services” but that they shouldn’t “go in there expecting anything.”

Disney Cast Members Guest Relations

Disney Cast Members in Guest Services

Disney Cast Members are typically known for trying to be accommodating — although we have seen some very out-of-character behaviors from Disney employees as of late — so if you’re unhappy with how your Disney vacation is going due to issues with Disney World theme park rides, then a visit to Guest Services might be helpful for you!

When you have a difficult Disney day, do you shrug it off or do you seek recompense from a Disney employee?

Have you witnessed a significant number of theme park ride breakdowns on your most recent Disney vacations? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly known as Twitter)!

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