Disney Fan Tragically Passes Away Before Her “Cinderella” Wedding

disney funeral
Credit: Sandy McCook/DC Thomson, Kevin Pratt /

Disney fans might complain about changes to their favorite theme parks or updates to their favorite animated movie characters, but one of the most important elements of Disney magic is the way in which it allows people of all ages and backgrounds to bond.

Anyone who loves a certain Disney Princess can light up and enjoy an engaging conversation with a stranger who loves the same character, or bond over the shared enjoyment of a beloved Disney song.

The Loss of a “One of a Kind” Woman

One woman who understood the magic of Disney, and of Disney Princesses or Disney heroes, was a 51-year-old woman named Angela Gillies. Angela has sadly “died five weeks before she was due to be married,” according to a Scottish news website called The Press and Journal.

mourners at the funeral of angela gillies, wearing pink

200 mourners gathered in loving memory of Angela Gillies, a Disney fan who died unexpectedly and died just five weeks before her Disney Princess and unofficial Disney Fairy Tale Wedding. Credit: Sandy McCook/DC Thomson

The Disney fan and “one of a kind” woman died unexpectedly, after having a “routine hospital operation.”

200 people gathered in Inverness, Scotland for Angela’s funeral. Many mourners wore pink clothing as they “smiled through their tears”, in honor of Angela’s love of the singer Pink.

Because Angela also loved Disney and the upcoming wedding was meant to be (unofficially) a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding to give the bride her “Cinderella Day,” funeral wreaths like the wreath shown below were used and songs like “Circle of Life” were played.

disney funeral wreath

Credit: Sandy McCook/DC Thomson

“Like Peter Pan, She Never Grew Old”

Angela was the mother of two children (Kieran and Allan), and she had three grandchildren (Thea, Alaya, and Killian).

Allan described his mother’s love for Disney, saying the following: “Like Peter Pan, she never grew old. Like Moana, she could overcome her fears. And like Snow White, she had three of the seven dwarves to look after in her grandkids.”

Kevin Pratt and Angelia Gillies

Kevin Pratt and Angelia Gillies. Credit:

“The one thing she wanted was her Cinderella day and I’m so sorry you never got it,” Allan continued.

A GoFundMe webpage has been created for Kevin Pratt (Angela’s fiancé) and Angela’s family, with £3,400 raised so far.

We have seen tragic stories involving Disney fans like this before — particularly recently, unfortunately — and our hearts go out to Angela’s family.

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