Disney Fans Panic After Seeing New Updates to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

tianas bayou adventure
Credits: @Evan81171161 and Disney

Disney Fanatics have been divided multiple times in recent years when it comes to certain changes being made within the theme parks of Disney properties like Walt Disney World Resort.

The destruction of Splash Mountain and its upcoming replacement, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, was no exception. Now that the upcoming Princess and the Frog ride is coming to fruition, Disney fans have spotted some worrisome signs!

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will be a Mardi Gras-focused ride set in the Louisiana bayou region near New Orleans, where Princess Tiana operates her restaurant Tiana’s Palace and lives with loved ones like Prince Naveen.

Tiana new look Disney

Princess Tiana is a New Orleans native, so she will be celebrating Mardi Gras with friends like Louis, Mama Odie, and Prince Naveen in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure within the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. Credit: Disney

Fanatics in a Panic

Many diehard Splash Mountain fans have started to move on after the ride’s destruction in Disney World and Disneyland, and some fans of the Song of the South-inspired ride have actually switched teams and started expressing some excitement about Princess Tiana’s new ride.

However, a Disney World guest recently shared some photos they had managed to take while sneaking a peek at the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure construction site, and these photos have sent some Disney Fanatics into a panic!

Was This Really Vandalism?

On August 25, a Disney fan shared the images shown above on X (formerly known as Twitter). Fans have been particularly concerned about a colorful mural that can be seen on the Magic Kingdom ride queue’s yellow barn.

This mural is not vandalism, but it seems so out of place at the moment that some Disney fans initially accused unnamed vandals of creating it!

Too Soon to Tell…?

Hopefully, this mural will become more appealing in the eyes of Disney fans as the setting (which is meant to evoke the atmosphere of 1920s New Orleans) is further developed and as Walt Disney Imagineering continues to make progress on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Are you excited about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, or are you still mourning Splash Mountain? Do you like the look of this mural, or do you think that it doesn’t bode well for the new ride’s aesthetic?

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