Disney Parks Fans Nostalgic For Old Days

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Disney parks fans have been increasingly expressing their desire and nostalgia for better days when Disney was more accessible to them.

The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have long been hailed as some of the perfect places for a Disney vacation and to gain that magical Disney experience.

Whichever Disney World park you go to, Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom or EPCOT, there’s something to write home about. But between the rising prices, the ostensible increase of bad behavior on the part of guests, and the even seeming increase in ride malfunctions, many feel the Disney magic is lost.

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However, while most of these conversations center around what is going wrong now, one fan took to Reddit to ask a more wholesome question.

u/I_Judge_Your_Driving asked, “If you have visited WDW multiple times over many years, what year was your favorite trip and why?”

This sent many fans down memory lane of some of their best memories and trips at Walt Disney World, and they’re heartwarming.

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The OP themselves mentioned that their favorite trip was in 2008 during the “Year of a Million Dreams” promotion.

Interestingly, many fans and previous guests brought up cost as a contending factor when talking about their best trips to Disney World. u/Mrs_TikiPupuCheeks detailed out the free dining service that Disney had just introduced and how the cost of traveling and the Disney vacation was far cheaper: “2 adults and 2 kids on a 10 day holiday to WDW for $800 out the door.”

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u/xKortney also mentioned a trip in 2013 when they took their “husband’s grandparents (in their 80s at the time) [to Walt Disney World].” She continued,  “seeing them light up and get to experience the Disney joy again is something I’ll never forget.”

The post was a wonderful reminder of everything that we love about the Disney experience and gave many fans the opportunity to share some of their most meaningful trips to the Disney park.

Tell us about your favorite Disney trips over the years in the comments below!

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