Sirens Blare as Guests Forced to Evacuate Disney Resort in the Middle of the Night

Disney Pop Century evacuation
Credit: Disney

Disney theme parks are known for their hospitality and amazingly themed hotels. However, not every experience can be a guaranteed comfortable stay. Recently, hundreds of guests were forced to evacuate one Walt Disney World hotel in the middle of the night due to blaring sirens and first responders heading to the scene.

Moldy pop century room

Credit: Disney

Disney’s Pop Century Resort Appeal

Disney’s Pop Century Resort stands out as a beloved and economical lodging option within the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. This vibrant resort celebrates 20th-century American pop culture, with themed sections dedicated to different decades from the 1950s to the 1990s. Each section immerses guests in the nostalgia of its respective era, featuring iconic decor and memorabilia.

The resort offers comfortable accommodations in standard hotel rooms with various views, including standard, pool view, and preferred room options. While the resort’s amenities are designed with families in mind, its strategic location truly sets it apart. Guests enjoy easy access to Disney’s theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs through complimentary bus transportation. Additionally, the Skyliner gondola system conveniently connects the resort to EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, providing both convenience and picturesque views. With its affordable pricing, engaging theming, and convenient connections to the magic of Disney World, Disney’s Pop Century Resort has become a popular choice for visitors seeking a memorable and budget-friendly Disney experience.

If there’s a fire alarm at any Disney hotel, it will take immediate action to keep everyone safe. Guests must leave their rooms and go to designated meeting spots away from the building. Disney cast members help guests during this process. They also contact the fire department and provide updates to guests. After ensuring everyone is safe, they investigate the cause of the alarm and take steps to prevent future issues. It’s important for guests to follow instructions from staff to stay safe.



Disney Pop Century Evacuation

This is exactly the issue that caused a ton of guests to wake up in the middle of the night recently. According to Inside the Magic, emergency alarms and red flashing lights roused residents from their slumber at Disney’s Pop Century Resort this week. The incident arose from Building 6 of the 1970s section of the park. At 3:30 a.m., all guests staying in this building and the surrounding areas were forced to evacuate the building and stand outside in the dark of the night, unaware if there was truly a cause for alarm or an accidental activation of the emergency system.

Building 6 evacuated at @WaltDisneyWorld Pop Century.

It was reported that confusion and concern lasted around ten minutes before the fire department first responders arrived. Guests waited in anticipation as the team searched each floor and space of the resort with Disney’s security team to ensure there was no actual cause for concern. Eventually, the alarm was turned off, and guests were allowed to return to their rooms, though we can’t imagine they slept well that night in general.

This incident is obviously very rare at Walt Disney World. However, guests should always expect the unexpected when on vacation. Luckily, there wasn’t a fire to fear. Hopefully, those affected managed to get some sleep. Disney World, while tired, can’t be an enjoyable experience.

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