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Disney Provides Best Look Yet at Journey of Water Attraction

Journey of Water attraction
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World has launched some pretty incredible attractions lately. However, the theme park is trying something completely unique this time around. Its Journey of Water experience will open at EPCOT soon, but this is not your traditional ride. Disney is now revealing its best look yet at the upcoming attraction.

Journey of Water

Credit: Disney

EPCOT Upgrades

This long-anticipated moment has arrived. EPCOT’s construction barriers are gradually disappearing, and the Journey of Water attraction will be released soon this year. Drawing inspiration from Disney’s beloved animated film, Moana (2016), this attraction promises visitors an entirely novel way to engage with water, an experience unseen at Walt Disney World Resort.

Journey of Water invites guests to meander along a self-guided outdoor trail, an immersive journey where they can playfully interact with the element of water. This captivating spectacle unveils the exquisite wonders of the ocean as water embarks on its celestial descent from the sky, only to find its way back to the vast sea. This theme park marvel serves a dual purpose – entertaining and educating visitors about the significance of water, akin to Moana’s own connection with the element in her cinematic adventure.

This reimagined section of the park, aptly named World Nature, is an ode to appreciating and preserving the delicate equilibrium within the natural world. While the construction of the Moana-inspired attraction may have caused some inconveniences due to its central location, fans are eagerly awaiting its realization, a moment that will undoubtedly make navigation within EPCOT a more delightful experience and give them something new to do. Recently, Disney Imagineers offered a glimpse of the technology involved in the water-centric attractions as they prepare for the grand autumn unveiling.

Moana attraction

Credit: Disney

Journey of Water Attraction

However, Disney has now provided the best look yet at what to expect from Journey of Water. Via a montage of footage, cast members showed off how their movements caused the water to react. The trail also features beautiful greenery, including a giant Te Fiti and a waterfall.

Disney also provided some images showing children interacting with the water experience. While the company has mentioned the ride opening in the fall in past interviews, they simply list it as “opening soon” in this new look. Guests who don’t want to get wet can also still walk the attraction, as a dry option path will be included.

Future Moana Experiences

Beyond the forthcoming walking tour, Moana’s tale is set to transition to the live-action realm as part of Disney’s ongoing quest to reimagine classic stories. While some fans argue that this adaptation may be arriving too soon, Disney is forging ahead with its plans, even securing Dwayne Johnson’s involvement in the project as he returns to play Maui.

The anticipation for the Journey of Water is a mixed affair. Some wonder if a walking trail is actually needed at EPCOT. However, after persevering through the labyrinth of construction walls for over two years, the hope is that this unique attraction will prove more than worth the wait.

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