All Disney and ESPN Channels Removed from Spectrum TV

Disney Spectrum TV
Credit: Spectrum

Charter’s Spectrum TV has just announced that The Walt Disney Company has removed ALL of its programming channels from the television service provider on Thursday night.

Spectrum TV Disney

Credit: Spectrum; Disney

Spectrum Loses All Disney and ESPN Programming

The entertainment giant immediately pulled the plug on its stations at around 8:00 p.m. EST on August 31, 2023, causing many to wonder where their content had gone. Spectrum has put full blame on Disney, apologizing for the inconvenience and trying to get a resolution. However, Spectrum has also failed to accept any agreement put forth by Disney, and many customers are just as upset with the service provider. Amid the channels lost are popular stations like ESPN and ABC News.

The stations removed include this vast array of popular networks:

  • ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, ESPNU, ESPN News, SEC Network, ACC Network, Longhorn Network
  • FX, FX Movie Channel, FXX, Freeform, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Mundo
  • Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Baby TV
  • ABC On Demand programming and several local ABC stations, including ABC7 Chicago, ABC7 Los Angeles, ABC7 New York, ABC7 San Francisco, ABC11 Raleigh-Durham, ABC13 Houston, ABC30 Fresno

Spectrum TV let customers know about the lost programming via Twitter:

The Walt Disney Company has removed their programming from Spectrum. Spectrum is on your side and fighting hard to resolve this situation and keep costs down while protecting and maximizing customer choice. We apologize for the inconvenience.

People on social media described interruptions in the middle of their programming. The Florida-Utah NCAA college football game was a highlight, where reports say the channel went black while the game was still in play.

Why Disney Removed Programming From Spectrum TV

Charter Spectrum TV, a television service offered by Charter Communications in the United States, has long been home to various channels, encompassing local broadcasts, cable networks, sports, and premium content. It also boasts an on-demand library and provides subscribers with the Spectrum TV app, enabling them to enjoy their favorite shows and movies on various devices. Disney has played a significant role in Spectrum’s channel lineup, contributing over 26 options, including highly sought-after offerings like ESPN and ABC stations.

Disney ESPN partnership

Credit: ESPN

Yet, the two corporations have been embroiled in a heated conflict over programming fees. The heart of the dispute revolves around the escalating costs associated with maintaining these channels for Spectrum customers. Neither Disney nor Charter appears willing to yield ground. Spectrum alleges that Disney is attempting to impose exorbitant fee hikes for continued access to its programming, while Disney contends that Charter is uncooperative in accepting their proposed agreement.

Disney has utilized to issue an official statement regarding the standoff:

We are diligently working to ensure that some of the most-watched networks in America, such as the ESPN networks, including the ACC Network and SEC Network, the Disney-branded channels, Freeform, the FX networks, and the National Geographic channels, remain accessible to Spectrum TV customers. If we do not reach a new agreement with Spectrum soon, some of your favorite shows may vanish from your channel lineup, including SportsCenter and exclusive live sports such as Monday Night Football and college football, as well as beloved programs like Mickey Mouse Funhouse, 31 Nights of Halloween, American Horror Story, Welcome to Wrexham, Life Below Zero, and much more.

Contact Spectrum and make it known that you want to preserve access to these networks.

Spectrum, in turn, has presented its perspective via the website

The Walt Disney Company has issued a threat to remove their programming from Spectrum, a move that poses hardship for our valued customers. We have extended a fair deal to Disney, yet they are demanding an excessive increase in fees. Furthermore, they seek to curtail our ability to offer customers greater flexibility in choosing programming packages, effectively compelling you to subscribe to and pay for channels you may not desire. Spectrum is firmly committed to managing costs while safeguarding and enhancing customer choices. The mounting expenses associated with programming constitute the primary driver of escalating cable TV prices, and we are resolutely advocating for reasonable programming rates, which are imposed upon us by entities like Disney. We appreciate your patience as we work towards a resolution that benefits all parties.

It is unknown if the two companies can reach an agreement. Spectrum customers will have to make do without many Disney and ESPN channels until a resolution is found.

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