Disney Wants To Remind Florida That It’s More Valuable to the State Than Ron DeSantis

Disney report on value to Florida
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Apparently, The Walt Disney Company has had enough of this nonsense and felt it was time to remind Florida precisely what it brought to the table. After its fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, perhaps there were people in the state who may have forgotten Disney World’s value. But now, the entire state just got a not-so-subtle reminder.

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The Walt Disney Company commissioned a study to show the profound economic impact of Walt Disney World on Florida. The study conducted by Oxford Economics showed that Disney accounts for one out of every 32 jobs in the state, with 263,000 people working directly for Disney or with a business working with Disney World. There are 82,000 employees at Walt Disney World, making it the largest single-site employer in America.

The report said:

In FY22 alone, Disney generated $40.3 billion in statewide economic activity, either directly, or indirectly through its supply chain and the spending of employees. To put this in perspective, the unemployment rate in Florida was 3% in September 2023. Based on the current size of the state’s labor force, the unemployment rate would be 5.4% without Disney-supported jobs. For every direct job on-site at Disney, an additional 1.7 jobs are supported across Florida.

Disney World also generated $3.1 billion in 2022 in state and local taxes. Disney also worked with 2,500 small businesses for various projects across its property. The study estimates that Disney’s value to the state was $40.3 billion in 2022, a massive amount for the state.

DeSantis cronies big paydays at Disney District

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Reedy Creek Improvement District

Disney also took another not-so-subtle shot at Florida Gov Ron DeSantis. DeSantis and the Florida Legislature stripped Disney of its self-governing District earlier this year when it replaced the Reedy Creek Improvement District with the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District. Since the new Board took over, it has been rife with controversy and accusations of cronyism and political infighting as dozens of employees have quit. 

The release said:

The Florida State Legislature established this special district, formerly known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District, in 1967 to help provide services, including power, water, roads and fire protection for the 47-square miles of Walt Disney World Resort. This district was a cost-effective mechanism throughout its history in ensuring the tax burden for these services did not fall on Orange and Osceola County residents. It allowed Disney to efficiently invest tens of billions of dollars in Florida over the past several decades by maintaining the highest development and service standards on Disney property,

DeSantis Board wants Disney lawsuit thrown out

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A Reminder To Florida

This study wasn’t necessarily a threat to Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature, as Disney World leaving the state just isn’t feasible; it was, however, a reminder that Disney is the economic engine for the state. The final stat provided by the study lays that fact out. According to the survey, without Disney World, Florida’s unemployment rate would rise from the 21st lowest to the second highest in the nation.

Jeff Vahle, President of Walt Disney World Resort, said:

The numbers speak for themselves on why Disney is so important to fueling jobs, the economy and tourism throughout our region, and the future investments we’re looking to make will continue to provide even more opportunities for Floridians.

So before the courts have their say in the Disney/DeSantis feud, Disney and CEO Bob Iger just wanted to remind everyone how valuable Walt Disney World is and its value to Florida’s economy. It’s a shot that can’t be unheard.

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