Disney Reportedly Refusing to Renew Some Annual Passes

Disneyland Annual Pass Renewal
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It appears that some Disney Fanatics are having a harder time renewing their Annual Passes than they might have expected.

Just a few weeks ago, the Disneyland Resort announced that it would be opening up renewal opportunities for current Magic Key holders. Along with several changes, such as the elimination of the Dream Key tier in favor of the new Inspire Key, Disneyland seemed to make it clear that its annual passholders with recently expired Magic Key passes would still be able to renew. Specifically, if a Magic Key Pass expired before August 18–the day renewals were reopened–, passholders could still renew between August 18 and August 31.


Credit: Disney

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Unfortunately, for at least one Disney Fan, that expiration forgiveness appears to only apply to Magic Key holders whose passes expired during the time when renewals were impossible. Any passes expiring after renewals are possible are left out.

On August 25, twitter user @rankingthemouse shared that he and his family were unable to renew their Magic Key Passes after accidentally letting their passes expire one day.

He said,


Our Magic Keys expired on Aug. 24th. Thought they expire on Aug 25th. Called today to renew but nothing they can do, pass is expired & no way to renew. Even asked for a manager. 

Crazy. No more Magic Key because I read my expiration date wrong. 

Called back one more time to explain our situation further & got an impressively rude supervisor who was not in any most to sympathize with us or offer any condolences.”

It should be noted, though, that it has always been Disneyland’s policy to require its Annual Passholders to renew before their passes expire. Only the Walt Disney World Resort offers a 30-day grace period for its Annual Passholders to renew after expiration.

It should also be noted that Disneyland is still pausing the sale of new Magic Key Passes at this time and is only offering renewals. It is unclear at this time when the Disneyland Resort will start selling new annual passes once again.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney Parks news and stories as more developments come to light.

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