Disney+ RUMOR: ‘Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem’ Series in Development

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Who doesn’t love a good spinoff series?

One only needs a quick peek inside the Disney+ department of the proverbial rumor mill to see that there are a lot of ideas sewn together from a variety of material that ranges from off-the-record quotes to mere hopes and dreams.

Most rumors can be dismissed, but we just saw one rumor that we have to talk about!

Apparently, there is a new Muppets series coming to Disney+, and it is going to center around the rock band Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem.

According to Giant Freaking Robot,

“The show will hone in on a band of Muppets, possibly¬†Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem, who have been together for some time now, touring like crazy. But in this updated story, it‚Äôs time for them to actually sit down and record their first studio album. In the current music environment, it looks like this is going to be easier said than done.”

They go on to speculate that the non-muppet cast will feature two sisters, including one named Nora, who had to put her dreams of dominating the music industry on hold to take care of her younger sister and is now sees managing this muppet band as her way in. Other suspected characters include Nora’s younger sister Hannah who is a social media star, and Nora’s ex-boyfriend Lyle who is a tech entrepreneur attempting to redeem himself in her eyes.

Muppets Electric Mayhem

Credit: Muppets Wiki

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The rumor clearly sees the focus of this series being on how musicians can make it big in our modern times with social media and influencers.

Well, the only muppet band we really know–and Disney knows fans will get behind–is none other than Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Created by Jim Henson, the band includes:

  • Dr. Teeth: Keyboardist, pianist, and lead vocalist.
  • Floyd Pepper: Bassist, vocalist.
  • Zoot: Saxophonist.
  • Janice: Lead guitarist, vocalist.
  • Animal: DRUMS
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For decades this band has given the world great music as they travel around America in their bus. Now, it would be a great time to see them finally sit down and finalize a record. This reporter can already imagine the comedic trouble this band will get into, especially seeing Animal become a viral sensation on TikTok.

Animal, Muppets

Credit: Muppets Wiki

But, at this point, we must clarify that this is only a rumor, and it should be treated as such. Disney creatives have not mentioned anything to this idea, but we at Disney Fanatic will update our readers as more information on this potential series comes to light.

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