Disney Spent a Ridiculous Amount of Money to Remove Streaming Content

Disney streaming costs
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The Walt Disney Company’s recent earnings call is an interesting beast to dismantle. While CEO Bob Iger paints a picture of intense upward trajectories and profits, some wild costs are hidden amongst the business jargon and self-praise. Remember that time a few months back when Disney purged a bunch of content from its streaming platforms? Yeah, that was a shockingly expensive endeavor and further exposed this quarter.

The Walt Disney Company announced a substantial charge of $2.44 billion during its Q3 2023 earnings call in relation to removing content from streaming. This intense amount shows the consequences and hits the company has to take as it navigates and adapts to changing viewer preferences and paths to profitability.

Disney Q3 streaming earnings

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Disney Removes Streaming Content

Amidst an ongoing transformation to align with contemporary market dynamics, Disney executed the removal of content from its Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) streaming platforms, Disney+ and Hulu. This strategic maneuver encompassed a range of series and specials, with titles such as Willow, Turner & Hooch, and The World According to Jeff Goldblum being withdrawn from the streaming repertoire. The termination of select third-party license agreements—rights granted to air content on the platforms—also contributed to the formidable $2.44 billion charge, termed a “Content Impairment Charge.”

Disney Plus Cancels Win or Lose

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Bob Iger Justifies Decisions

While an understandable business move, the decision to remove content comes as Disney continues to refine its operational architecture. CEO Bob Iger has stressed the company’s comprehensive restructuring initiative is designed to enhance efficiency, tighten coordination, and augment creative energy across all facets of operation. Iger’s strategic vision is meant to prove that these pivotal adjustments position Disney to realize substantial cost savings and an elevated direct-to-consumer operating income. He told investors that these transformational efforts have already delivered an impressive upswing of approximately $1 billion in operating income across a mere three quarters.


The noteworthy change and strategic restructuring affirm Disney’s dedication to optimizing its direct-to-consumer segment, striving to find a path to streaming profitability. While removing content may not be the focus of headlines anymore, the financial gesture — to the tune of $2.44 billion — is proof of the ridiculous costs associated with some business decisions. As Disney continues on this trend, under the stewardship of a leader who has found himself a source of criticism lately, it will be interesting to see what changes he continues to place on the company’s streaming endeavors.

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