Iconic Disney Villain to Get His Own “Villainous” Series

hades hercules television series
Credit: Disney

Disney villains are some of the most important characters in Disney films. While not the primary protagonists of the films and series, they play a crucial role in the narratives by challenging the heroes and adding depth to the stories. Lately, Disney has taken to retelling villain stories, giving many of them live-action remakes and working on sharing a different side to their narrative, complicating it further, and allowing more mature storytelling. These villains are an integral part of Disney’s storytelling and legacy; their diabolical schemes are legendary, larger-than-life personalities often endearing, and they remain some of the most memorable characters in the world of Disney.

In this latest trend of giving fans a look-see into villain origin stories, one other villain is getting an all-new series.

Underrated Disney Villains

Disney villains are important characters in any Disney story / Credit: Disney

Disney’s Hercules

The 1997 Disney movie is based on the Greek mythological tale of Hercules, son of Zeus and Hero, who was stripped of his immortality and raised as a human with super abilities on Earth. Determined to prove himself a true hero and regain his divine status, Hercules embarks on a journey of self-discovery, facing various challenges. The movie features a lively and memorable soundtrack composed by Alan Menken, with lyrics by David Zippel.

The villain in this story is the greek God Hades. Hades is the main antagonist, the ruler of the Underworld, known for his dark humor and desire to overthrow Zeus.

hades hercules television series / Credit: Disney

Disney villain Hades / Credit: Disney

Disney Villains: Hades

CBR recently announced that Hades would be getting his own entertainment series courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment. Writer Elliott Kalan and artist Alessandro Ranald will be working on it. The series will follow the villain as he “embarks on a mission to destroy some of Mount Olympus’ most powerful deities.”

The series will also feature new characters like a spider girl named Arachne, a singer named Orpheus, a winged Icarus, and more.

hercules still

A Still from Hercules/Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

We’re incredibly excited to see what Dynamite Entertainment does with the show.

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