Is a Hercules Show Finally Coming to Disney Parks?!

Hercules Musical
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Is he finally on his way? Because we know he can go the distance. I’m of course talking about Hercules! The animated tale was released by Disney in 1997 and has remained popular, even possibly gaining in popularity in recent years. Hercules tells the story of the Greek god who was kidnapped by Hades and raised on earth as a mortal. However, Hercules never quite fits in and discovers that he is the son of Zeus, but he must earn his way back to Mount Olympus. Although there are a lot of bumps in the road — and a swim in the Underworld — Hercules learns what it truly means to be a God.


Credit: Disney

While Hercules is not a staple theme park Disney character, he has been seen at specially-ticketed events — alongside his lady love, Meg — like Disneyland After Dark: Sweetheart’s Nite. However, it looks like he may be coming to a Disney Resort in a BIG way. According to the Disney Auditions website, it seems that the company may be creating a Hercules show for Disneyland’s Hyperion Theater. The Hyperion theater at Disney California Adventure has been closed since the theme parks shut down because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hyperion Theater Disneyland

Credit: Orange County Register

Disney is currently looking for a number of actors and actresses to fill dancing and singing roles for a limited-time show, expected to run this summer at Disneyland Resort. Here’s what they are casting:

Role #1/Featured Principal – 3 Female identifying roles, 20’s to 50’s.  Vocal Range: All. Style: Proficient with harmonization and ability to sing in many styles from Destiny’s Child to Andrew Sisters.  These three performers are a fun, energetic and musical sisterhood that acts as the occasional “Greek Chorus”.  All abilities and types welcome.

Role #2/Featured Principal – Female identifying, mid 20’s to early 30’s.  Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano. Style: contemporary musical theatre.  Brave, resourceful and intelligent.  Must have a strong English accent.  All abilities and types welcome.

Role #3/Featured Principal – Male identifying, 17 to 20.  Vocal Range: Tenor.  Style: contemporary musical theater.  Young man coming into his greatness.  All abilities and types welcome.

Role #4/Featured Principal – Male identifying, 30’s to 40’s. Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor. Style: contemporary musical theatre.  He is decisive, capable, principled and has a wry sense of humor.  Leads others with attitude and swagger.  All abilities and types welcome.

Role #5/Featured Principal – Male identifying, mid 20’s to early 30’s.  Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor.  Style: contemporary musical theater.  He is a noble, loyal, idealistic, and romantic do-gooder, who does not give up easily.  All abilities and types welcome.

Singer/Chorus – Male and Female identifying, any age.  Vocal Range: All. Style: contemporary musical theatre.  These performers will play many roles and create the world for this story.  Some roles will be required to dance.  All abilities and types welcome.

Hercules Broadway

Credit: Playbill

So, Disney hasn’t officially said what the show is they are casting for, but it’s pretty telling that they want singers who can sing like The Muses — Goddesses of the arts, and proclaimers of heroes. Heroes like Hercules! A Hercules show would also make a lot of sense, since Disney is currently working on a live-action remake of the animated film.

Disney has said that the project will be helmed by author Hunter Bell and Grammy-winning composer, Christopher Lennertz — both who have worked with Disney in the past. Bell wrote the “Villains Tonight” show that was a hit on the Disney Cruise Line, and Lennertz worked on Disney’s most recent fireworks show, Wondrous Journeys.

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