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“WTF is This?”: Fans Slam Disney Princess for Awkward Performance

disney princess performance magic happens

One of the primary parts of the Disney experience that fans adore is meeting their favorite Disney princesses and characters in person, interacting with them, and even seeing them in and around the Parks, whether in a more organic experience or in a more curated setting. Disney is known for its high standard of entertainment, and one of the most ...

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Mulan Fan Attacks Disney For Inaccurate Costume Change

animated mulan sadly looks at costumed mulan from disney parks

“When will my reflection show who I am inside?” This is the question that plagued the mind of the Disney princess and Chinese warrior Mulan back in the day — and in the live-action adaptation that starred Liu Yifei — but apparently, Mulan’s reflection is still inaccurate if you’re glimpsing her in Disneyland. One Asian-American Disney fan has just written ...

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Disney Resort’s Closest Airport Named “America’s Scariest”

John Wayne Airport

Imagine: you just had the most magical Disney vacation yet! The fireworks were perfect. You secured every virtual queue and Individual Lightning Lane you wanted, and even the churros tasted better than last time. You board the flight home and endure one of the fastest and steepest takeoffs in the world. Turns out, that is the experience of every Disneyland ...

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Fans Upset as New Guest Area Is Taken Over by Strollers

Mickey's ToonTown Stroller Parking

On March 19, Guests visiting Disneyland Resort were able to head into Disneyland Park and visit the completely reimagined Mickey’s ToonTown. Mickey’s ToonTown — which is located behind Fantasyland — had been closed for more than a year as Disney Imagineers worked to overhaul the area completely. In addition to laying down new grass, putting in new fountains, and adding ...

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Controversial Disney Vlogger Admits to Fighting at Disney Event

Justin Scarred Spencer Best Life and Beyond fight

Nearly one week ago, popular Disneyland Vlogger Justin Scarred shared a disturbing experience that he had at Disneyland Park during a Disneyland After Dark event. According to Scarred, while he was at Disneyland After Dark: Princess Nite, he was confronted by two vloggers that he knew. He said that they accused him of speaking poorly about them, which he denied. ...

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Doctor Warns Against Dangerous Disney ‘Trend’

doctor dana and person putting foot in ride water

Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and international Disney Resort Guests have been behaving so badly as of late (whether it’s involved harassing a Cast Member, trespassing, fistfighting, or ruining the customer experience for another Disney Park Guest) that a documentary is actually being made about the unfortunate phenomenon. Now, it looks like one harmful and disruptive behavior (that we ...

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