Shocking Disney World “Pooping In Line” Trend is Real?!

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Latest reports from guests claim that there’s been an absurd trend going around of guests pooping in line while waiting for their turn to enjoy an attraction.

The Walt Disney World Resort is often better known by its popular moniker of “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” It’s one that is well-earned due to the incredible attractions and rides at any of its theme parks. From classic attractions like Haunted Mansion—particularly popular during the autumnal season due to Halloween—and themed areas like Main Street, U.S.A., there’s a lot to love about going to a Disney Park.

However, recent guest behavior has been threatening the magical reputation Disney World enjoys: guests pooping in line for attractions.

Guests Pooping in Line While Waiting to Go on Disney World Rides

Rise of the Resistance

Rise of the Resistance / Credit: Disney

In a completely shocking series of events, some bemused guests have been reporting that they have found fellow parkgoers pooping while waiting in line for attractions.

One guest took to Reddit to share the happening, “I am in the queue for RotR – someone let their kid take a dump on the floor and then they just walked out and left it- WTF?

While some might believe that this story was entirely made up for views on social media, others corroborated its authenticity. “For the skeptics… this actually happened. Fun fact: this was one of 3 s—t-related incidents at Rise today. Less fun fact: I was here for all 3 of them,” another guest explained.

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Credit: Disney Dining / Disney / Canva

This isn’t all. Yahoo! Entertainment also reported that Disney’s Animal Kingdom guest shared that Disney cast members have dubbed a section of Flight of Passage’s line the “poop hall” due to the number of incident involving a guest going to the bathroom while in the line there.

Bodily fluids no longer bother me after working at Disney,” a cast member wrote on Reddit. “Let’s just say that the attraction I work at has what the cast ended up dubbing ‘the poop hall’ because of the number of times guests have gone in there and pooped. We even put up a camera and it didn’t stop it.”

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Credit: Disney / Canva

Another former cast member also added their two cents. “Good lord the poop hallway,” they responded, “… from a former flight CM this absolutely gives me war flashbacks … I dealt with way too many bodily fluids at that dang attraction.”

It should go without saying that this is completely unacceptable behavior on the part of guests. There are ample restrooms (albeit with occasionally backed-up lines) that are meant to be used precisely for this purpose, and dirtying a public area that other guests also use is not park-appropriate behavior.

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  1. Peopledoing this or allowing their children to do this should be banned from all Disney Property. Disgusting.

  2. Agreed. It is a health hazard and visitors should immediately be banned from Disney property.

  3. Banned from Disney for that? They should be ARRESTED! How much more 3rd world can you get?

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