Disney World vs. Disneyland: Florida-Raised Comedian Weighs In

Disneyland vs Disney World

For Floridians, this writer included, a visit to Disneyland in California can be a bit of a challenge. Especially when habits that are commonplace at Disney World turned out to be anything but–or even allowed–at Disneyland.

Ben Brainard is a comedian who, after being raised in Florida, moved to Southern California. He recently shared a clip of one of his sets in which he talked about his latest visit to Disneyland, and it appears that the ordeal of just getting into the Park from the Parking Lot was enough for a comedic rant.

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He started off by telling his LA-based audience that he arrived in the line to park his car at Disneyland at 9:30 am, and that was enough to trigger empathetic groans.

“Anybody who groaned at the setup here,” he said, “y’all should not be claiming that this one has the better park. I got in the line to park at 9:30. I didn’t step foot into Disneyland until 11:05.”

“You know what that’s like at Disney World,” he asked. “You park, you walk in. That’s it! You get there at 9:30, you walk into the park just as fast as your little legs can carry you.”

Mickey Mouse and Disneyland Tram

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 The Walt Disney World Resort’s Theme Parks are accessible by walking. Now, it should be noted that Magic Kingdom Park differs slightly in that, unlike EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a monorail or ferry ride is still required to get to the Park gates from its parking lot located at the Transportation and Ticket Center. But Guests are still able to walk from their car to the monorail station.

ttc monorails

Transportation Ticket Center Monorails (Credit: Disney)

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It appears that Guests driving themselves to Disneyland are not as liberated. Brainard went on to say that Disneyland Cast Members required him to take a tram from the parking garage to the Park entrance.

“I said, this is some bullshit,” he remarked. “And they said, ‘that’s not Disney language.’ I said that’s why this was the happiest one and that one [Disney World] is magic because this is beyond human comprehension in Florida.”

Granted, the video’s comments featured some fans mentioning that there were ways around what he experienced and that it is expected to be common knowledge at this point that if one is Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, one needs to get there before the Parks even open. But what is true about this video is that if an unfortunate, unnamed Disneyland Cast Member has to redirect or prevent a lifelong Disney World fan (especially a Floridian) from doing something otherwise commonplace, like finding their own way to the gates from the parking lot, he or she can probably expect to get some kind surprised and sassy response that may or may not include a little profanity.

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