Disneyland Announces MagicBand+ Arrival Date

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We already knew that MagicBand+ was on its way to enhance the Disney experience for Disneyland Guests — but now, we know when the MagicBands will officially be breaking ground in Disneyland Resort, and it’s not far away!

According to journalist Scott Gustin, “MagicBand+ officially debuts at Disneyland Resort on Oct. 26. Starting Oct. 19, Magic Key holders, DVC and Cast will get early access. MB+ will be available at select DLR locations starting Oct. 19 for those eligible for early access – and more locations on Oct. 26.”

October 26 is not far away for anyone who is a Disneyland Guest but is not a Magic Key holder, Disney Vacation Club Member, or Cast Member — but if you are someone with Disney experience who fits into those categories, then October 19 is even closer!

Magic Key holders have been put through the wringer lately since there have been plenty of letdowns when it comes to Magic Keys and Annual Passes — but for Magic Key holders, there is a consolation prize in the form of a Magic Key band (that would normally cost $44.99, but will cost even less for Magic Key holders due to their special new discount and their pre-existing Magic Key merchandise discount). This Magic Key band will be, of course, more exclusive and unique than the standard Magic Bands.

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Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The new MagicBands that are part of MagicBand+ are going to work in tandem with Disneyland events like “Believe… in Holiday Magic” and “World of Color – Season of Light,” as well as the new nighttime spectaculars called “World of Color – One” at Disney California Adventure and “Wondrous Journeys” at Disneyland Resort, to provide Guests with a particularly enhanced interactive experience on their Disney vacation.

world of color one disneyland

World of Color — One Credit: Disney Parks Blog

This means that you’ll see your MagicBand+ band light up and react to the nighttime spectaculars — not to mention some of the Disneyland attractions!

If you tend to visit Walt Disney World Resort more frequently than Disneyland Resort, or you bought your MagicBand+ band on shopDisney, then don’t worry: your MagicBand+ band will work at Disneyland without issues. However, any bands that were purchased before the release of MagicBand+ will not work in Disneyland. To learn more about your MagicBand+ and how to set it up for your Disneyland vacation, take a look at the Disney Parks Blog post here! 

Are you excited about the imminent arrival of MagicBand+ at Disneyland Resort? Have you already been enjoying your Disney MagicBand at Walt Disney World Resort in Disney Parks like the Magic Kingdom?

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