Disney Park Apologizes for Proposal-Crashing Cast Member

Cast Member wrecks Disney Proposal
Credit: Reddit: u/wasgehtlan (Canva creation with clipart)

It was a move arguably no Disney fan would expect a Cast Member to make. After receiving special permission, a couple took a stage in the hub of Disneyland Paris, and the man got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. But in the normally-magical pause between the ask and presentation of the ring, the proposal video showed a Cast Member strut into the frame and slide right in between them, snatching the ring from the guy’s hands and directing them off the stage.

We at Disney Fanatic, along with a slew of other websites and media outlets, have picked up the story since it was first posted on Reddit, and fans have not held back on their criticism of the Magic-killing Cast Member. Click the link below to read our initial coverage.

Disneyland Paris Botched Proposal

Credit: Reddit: u/wasgehtlan

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Since this story began to spread, a spokesperson for the Disneyland Paris Resort has spoken out, confirming that they apologized and offered the couple some retribution.

“We regret how this was handled,” the Disney spokesperson told Newsweek, acknowledging the situation. “We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”

It is unclear what that offer entailed.

Disneyland Paris Botched Proposal

Credit: Reddit: u/wasgehtlan

Besides becoming social media’s latest pariah, the unnamed Cast Member might have also broken Cast Member protocols in how he disrupted the Disney Proposal.

One commenter, allegedly a Cast Member, said that Disney Cast Members are”explicitly told that we never touch a Guest without their clear permission, given either verbally or through body language. We’re not allowed to take their property under any circumstances, and doing so results in termination.

“We’re also trained to do anything we can to keep our Guests happy and continue to sell the image of ‘most magical place on Earth,‘” the employee allegedly told the Redditor. “This employee will be terminated pretty swiftly should this video make it to the right people. All he had to do was wait 10 seconds. Get it out there and he’s a goner.”

Sleeping_Beauty Castle, Disneyland, Paris

Credit: Disney

It is unclear if this Cast Member was indeed terminated.

But, despite the rude interruption, it appears that the young woman still said yes, and the couple is off to their happy ever after anyway.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to monitor Disney Parks news and stories, and we will update our readers as more information comes to light.

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