Disney Losing Park Exclusive Hold on Dole Whip

Dole Whip Grocery Store
Credit: Disney

Welcomed news has just come our way for those who don’t live close to Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Anytime you are craving yet another iconic Disney Parks treats in your own home, all you will have to do is head down to your grocer’s freezer.

Dole Whip Coming to the Grocery Story

Credit: Disney

Every die-hard Disney fan knows that a trip to the Magic Kingdom or Disneyland isn’t complete without stopping for a Dole Whip. Nothing better to take that edge off of a hot Florida or California day than that creamy pineapple concoction.

Well, on Friday, March 3, 2023, Dole foods announced they will now sell the Disney favorite, Dole Whips, in your grocery store “soon.”

According to the press release, “Dole Whip®, a tropical frozen treat, will soon be available in three delicious flavors (pineapple, mango, and strawberry) in the freezer aisle at your local grocery store.”

Since their debut in 1984, Dole Whips have been favorites of Disney fans everywhere. Dole created this new frozen treat went they were sponsors of the Enchanted Tiki Room. Two years later, the Whips were introduced at Disneyland.

Dole Whip Coming to the Grocery Store

credit: Disney

Initially, the Whips were only available in Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom Park–specifically the Adventureland Area–but they have spread throughout the Parks and Disney Springs.

Disney and Dole have also expanded their Whip variety from the original pineapple to watermelon, orange, strawberry, mango, and lime. The Whip is also available throughout Walt Disney World Resort, including as a float and with a shot of rum at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Dole Whip Coming to the Grocery Store

Credit: Disney

The treats have become so popular that a day has been dedicated to Dole Whips. July 21 is now Dole Whip day. However, you don’t need a special day to enjoy them.

Disney released a recipe for at-home Dole Whips during the pandemic, but it wasn’t the same. There are also several recipes for knock-offs and different varieties of Dole Whips online, including a Frappucino, cosmo, and martini.

This will be the first time the Dole Whips direct from the company will be available outside a Disney Theme Park.

Dole has not yet announced when the Whips will be available in stores, but the company said it would be later this year. The release of the Dole Whip is a part of the company’s new healthy eating campaign.

We will update you on this story and all other delicious news items at Disney Fanatic.

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