‘No Magical Experience Here’ – Disney Ride Malfunction Traps Guests in a Hallway With No A/C

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck stand in front of Epcot's iconic Spaceship Earth geodesic sphere. Donald looks grumpy in his blue sailor outfit, while Daisy, wearing a pink bow and sunglasses, cheerfully points towards the sphere. Meanwhile, a family stuck in Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind hallway after ride breakdown could use some Disney magic.
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One of the downsides of any Walt Disney World vacation is when a ride or attraction breaks down. You wait and plan your entire day around that one ride, and when your time comes to finally get on, the ride isn’t working.

The ride may have broken down due to a mechanical failure, but more likely than not, it was the fault of one of Disney World’s guests. Perhaps they omitted on the ride or did something they weren’t supposed to do on the attraction.

guests in front of guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind, epcot

Credit: Disney

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When a ride breaks down, the cast members are always very accommodating. You get a lightning lane pass for another attraction, or you can go about your day and wait for your ride to return to service.

But what do you do if you’re already on line and the ride breaks down? Do you waste your valuable Disney World time waiting in a line that may not move for hours? And what would you do if you had to pay extra for the Genie Plus Lightning Lane for that ride?

One group of Disney World guests found out this weekend that it might be best to leave the ride line and return later.

This weekend, one group of Disney World guests was waiting in line for Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind when the ride temporarily shut down. They were trapped in the skinny hallway leading from the queueing area to the opening show scene.

guardians galaxy Cosmic Rewind

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Rather than leave Cosmic Rewind, the guests set up camp in the hallway and waited for EPCOT’s newest attraction to return. However, an unexpected consequence of Cosmic Rewind’s closure was that the air conditioner also shut down.

So, in the middle of the Central Florida heat, Disney World guests were trapped in the Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind hallway without AC.

One guest wrote of her experience:

When your Guardians of the Galaxy experience turns into sitting in a hot hallway waiting for a delay. No magical experience here!!!

While the ride malfunction was quickly fixed and guests were ushered into the next boarding group to watch the Terry Crews show, their Disney experience was ruined for the day.

spaceship earth, epcot

Credit: Disney

So, what can Disney guests take away from this Disney experience? If you’re at a park and there is a ride malfunction, it may be better to pick a different return time or sign back up for the virtual queue than wait for the roller coaster to be back up.

Remember that riding your favorite thrill ride isn’t necessarily worth it if you end up sharing a small space for an hour with a large crowd. There are plenty of other attractions and rides at the Walt Disney World Resort, where the AC still works.

What do you do when a ride or attraction breaks down at a Disney Park? Let us know in the comments.

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