Fans Argue Over Walt Disney’s ‘Gaudy’ Lamp Replacement

walt disney lamp apartment main street fire department

The division between Disney Fanatics has grown more and more tangible as Disney discontent rises among Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests (and as Disney Guests continue to behave more and more inappropriately in the Disney Parks).

Apparently, the next target of some Disney fans’ ire is the replacement lamp that has set up shop in Walt Disney’s famous old apartment in Disneyland on Main Street!

Walt Disney Ribbon Cutting

Walt Disney during a ribbon cutting ceremony. Credit: D23

Walt Disney’s lamp, which used to be lit in Disneyland as a sign that the Walt Disney Company founder was ‘home’ watching over Guests, has been replaced many times since his death.

However, the newest replacement lamp is not many Disney fans’ favorite — even though, as one Disney fan points out in the Tweet below, “ this is far more accurate to the one that was there when Walt was there” even though “the more recent lamps have become beloved”.

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So far, Disneyland Guests are discussing the new Main Street Fire Department lamp on Reddit with a fairly negative response to the upgrade. “Don’t like it, I liked the other one,” one Reddit user and Disneyland fan wrote.

“Change it back. The lamp is gaudy and very captivating,” another Disney fan said, using “captivating” as a negative trait. “IMO the original lamp was subtle and the way it should stay,” they elaborated.

The debate continues as fans argue over the lamp’s worthiness as a Walt Disney lamp replacement, but some Disney fans will simply appreciate the fact that Disneyland staff are making an effort to keep Walt Disney’s legacy alive in his apartment — especially since it is still seen as a charming and sentimental tradition by many Disneyland Guests who miss the old Disney magic.

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