Fans Attack Minnie Mouse For Denying Child’s Hug


Even though some Disney fans still maintain that the Disney magic is alive and well, there have been many naysayers who feel that the Disney magic is gone (and this poll reportedly has the data to prove it). Now, a disappointed Disney parent has shared another scene where Disney seems to be lacking in its usual charm: Character Meet and Greets!

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Minnie Mouse has worn several new outfits recently, including her Stella McCartney pantsuit and her Christmas dress inspired by Broadway.

During a recent Disneyland Character Meet and Greet, Aiko Mora (@aikotov1) shared on TikTok that her child had a disappointing experience while meeting Minnie Mouse.

“This is how minnie decided to treat my kid after making 1 hour in line…Not a magical time…” the parent wrote.

In the TikTok video, which is shown below, we can see that Minnie Mouse does appear to be refusing an invitation for a hug from the child. This appears to happen not once, but two times, and the child is manually spun around to face forward by Minnie Mouse whenever she tries to go in for a hug.

Although Aiko Mora was displeased by the interaction, especially after waiting for an hour to meet Minnie Mouse, not every Disney fan agreed that Minnie’s behavior was inappropriate. Some Disney fans defended the Cast Member portraying Minnie, particularly since Cast Members have been going through a very trying time lately.

“Minnie seems to be exhausted. Please give her a break,” one Disney enthusiast wrote. “Maybe they have restricted time,” another fan wrote. “no time to hug just picture and next”.


This is how minnie decided to treat my kid after making 1 hour in line…Not a magical time…@Disney Parks @Disneyland California @Disneyland California #disneyland #disneyparks #minniemouse #mickeymouse

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Cast Members also have distress signals that they can use when they are injured or uncomfortable, which will alert their handlers and allow them to exit situations (we have seen this happen in recent months with characters like Captain Hook or Goofy).


Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse recently spoke sign language with a child in a Disney Park and gave them a hug.

Perhaps the Cast Member portraying Minnie Mouse was going through something troubling within the costume; we may never know! Do you think that this Minnie Mouse performer should be forgiven for refusing to hug the Disneyland Guest’s child?

Have you ever experienced a disappointing Character Meet and Greet at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or someplace like Disneyland Paris Resort?

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