VIDEO: Fans Share “Training” Guests Need For Disney World

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Any Guest who has been to Walt Disney World knows that there is a requisite amount of preparation involved to make sure you have a good time; however, recently, one Guest put forth a certain “training” that is also necessary to have a fruitful and enjoyable Walt Disney World vacation.

Going to the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are experiences that all Disney fans love, and they’re ones that people from all over the world flock to any Disney Park at both Disney Resorts for. Going to either Disney Resort takes a fair amount of time and preparation. Guests and fans have to plan, budget, and save up to make sure they can even afford a Disney vacation.

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Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

However, in a humorous take, one Guest shared a very different kind of training that Guests should also take to. TikTok user, @thedisneyadultvictor, shared his treadmill training speeds for each Disney World Theme Park and what kind of workout would be helpful to make sure a would-be Guest would be able to manage.

Check out the video below:


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♬ Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

He shares that Disney’s Animal Kingdom would be the most chilled out Park, only calling out the Flight of Passage and its early morning rush. Next in the level of intensity is EPCOT. After making sure to get to all the rides done during the day, Guests could slow down later on for World Showcase and “drinking around the world.” At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the creator recommended a quick pace with periodic slowdowns until “Fantasmic!” in the evening, highlighting Rise of Resistance and the morning rush for the ride. Finally, to no one’s surprise, Magic Kingdom Theme Park was the most intense, with the creator recommending a consistent jog to make all the rides and shows before the fireworks in the evening.

Guests in the comments added in the nuances that would help this “training” recommended by the OP. One Guest shared, “Don’t forget to put an incline on for [Animal Kingdom]. I despised how hilly that place was.”

Another added, “10mph at park close when you see your resort’s bus already parked at its bay and you MIGHT be able to make it.”


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♬ Choppa Style – Choppa Style

And, for Guests not certain if this training is indeed necessary, other Disney creators have also added just how much of a workout a Disney World vacation can be, as seen in the video above. Disney fans are certainly an amusing community!

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