Popular Walt Disney World Resorts for “Disney Adults”

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It’s become increasingly more and more evident over the years that Disney World isn’t just for the kiddos. Now, more than ever before, you hear such terms as “Disney Adults” being floated about and see a growing number of instances where couples and groups consisting solely of adult members decide to vacation at Walt Disney World Resort.

The age bracket comprising of “Millennials” in particular (folks born between the years of 1981 through 1996) tend to make up the largest portion of adult vacationers who may not actually be traveling with any children in their party. But as it’s been said before, Disney is for everybody, even those who may not fit the mold of the traditionally thought of family folks with a bunch of giggling tykes hopping around in their dress-up costumes, eager to meet all the characters.

While adult vacationers usually already expect that they will find themselves crowded around by children in some circumstances, it’s refreshing to know that there are also many adult-friendly exclusive experiences to take in, as well as those that just aren’t very appealing to younger folks. And when booking your Disney Resort accommodations, you should know that there are also several options that tend to appeal more to adult interests and provide far more offerings for fewer juvenile Guests. Here are eight popular Disney World Resorts for childless couples and adult-exclusive parties to consider.

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8. Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

This is one of the most popular Disney World Hotels. Located right along the Walt Disney World Monorail Line, staying here makes venturing to Magic Kingdom Park an easy pursuit. There are other, more creative methods for getting to the Park to consider as well, like rides within leisurely ferryboats departing the docks as well as that more recently built walking trail for those who may be up for a secluded walk for two.

But in getting back to the monorail method, it should also be noted that you can use this very same method for getting to EPCOT—a Park that many feel holds more adult-exclusive endeavors.

Grand Floridian exterior view

Credit: D23

As a Resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian offers so much in the way of onsite amenities and features to bask in. This includes plenty of more grownup interests, like an onsite fitness center, award-winning salon and spa services, and plenty of great drinking spots, some of which include poolside bars and praiseworthy lounges.

The newer Enchanted Rose Lounge, for example, is one of the Resort’s most standout hits, themed after the beloved classic film Beauty and the Beast, no less.

The Resort also boasts an exceptional dining scene, with plenty of more refined, upscale tastes that younger Resort Guests are less likely to be in attendance for. Standout recommendations here include Citricos, Narcoosee’s, and the one and only Victoria & Albert’s.

Of course, pricing is to be taken into account for those opting to stay at a Resort like Disney’s Grand Floridian. But depending on your circumstances (hey, you don’t have any kids with you), it may be a well-deserved splurge, especially if you keep it low-key with standard room accommodation.

 Enchanted Rose Lounge interior

Credit: Disney

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7. The Cabins at Fort Wilderness

If money is an object, but you’re still looking for accommodation that’s in close range to Magic Kingdom Park, then you may want to take a look at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Don’t be so quick to assume that you have to rough it in the wild with loud shrieking children running amuck.

Disney’s Fort Wilderness is actually like two Resorts in one. You have the campsites, which fit the bill of a Value Resort, and then those stand-alone Cabin setups, which are considered Moderate as far as pricing goes.

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

Credit: Polka Dots and Pixie Dust

But given the fact that they are really more or less miniature houses with all the home-away-from-home amenities inside, you’ll be shocked that these Cabins aren’t considered Deluxe Villas. In fact, up to six Guests can be accommodated here at a given time, making this a perfect consideration for even a group of vacationing adults (or just the two of you if you don’t want to go that route).

Dog lovers, take note, these accommodations allow you to bring up to two furry friends along as well!

Interior view of Wilderness Lodge Cabins

Credit: Disney

Disney’s Fort Wilderness is spread out in such a way that you can truly feel like you’re in some remote, secluded haven of sorts, away from all the hustle and bustle despite being just a 10-minute boat ride away from Magic Kingdom Park. You can also easily navigate to Disney’s Transportation & Ticket Center and then take the monorail over to EPCOT.

There are plenty of pleasing pursuits to explore around the Resort in general, including unique dining spots or even spending time at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch, which is an experience in and of itself, especially for the horse enthusiast.

Little horses at Tri-Circle

Credit: Disney

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6. Coronado Springs

In keeping things Moderate but in a way that feels more like a Deluxe Resort on so many levels, you may want to consider a stay at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Because this is the Disney World hotel that hosts a number of conventions and conferences throughout the year, it tends to be a less child-oriented consideration when compared to the many other Disney Resort options out there.

 Coronado Springs exterior view

Credit: Disney Meetings and Events

The Coronado is also host to a number of adult interests right onsite, including various lounges and upscale dining options. The newer Gran Destino Tower addition, in particular, is also where you will find a number of amenities to consider, including additional accommodations that have one king-size bed setup for parties of two.

But in getting back to the exceptional dining scene, you can’t go wrong with such options as rooftop dining at Toledo – Tapas, Steaks & Seafood or on-the-water experiences like the one at Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Villa de Lago.

Other wonderful adult-centered amenities to take note of at Disney’s Coronado Springs include La Vida Salon, exceptional spa services, and two fitness centers. And then there are all those other onsite recreations in addition.

Interior look at Gran Destino Tower

Credit: D23

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5. Disney’s Riviera

Another awesome venue that may appeal to more of an adult crowd is Disney’s Riviera Resort. As one of the newest additions to the lineup of Disney Vacation Club Resorts, its charming French/Italian Mediterranean-influenced layout inspires sophistication and culture that older folks are more likely to appreciate.

Nighttime aerial shot at Disney's Riviera Resort

Credit: Disney

In addition to the artistic touches and novelty callouts showcased throughout the Resort, Guests have plenty of amenities to enjoy right onsite, from recreational endeavors to even a full state-of-the-art fitness center. And you can’t forget about the exceptional dine and wine experiences here as well.

Bar Riviera is great for enjoying frozen cocktails and libations in addition to light bites. And while Topolino’s Terrace is predominantly a family-friendly affair at breakfast, complete with characters, the dinner scene is much more refined to appeal to adults. And you can’t beat the rooftop views!

It goes without saying that as a Deluxe Vacation Club Resort, there are a host of different accommodation options and room types. But if it’s just the two of you, consider a cozy and quaint stay within one of their unique Tower Studios. Designed with couples in mind, these more intimate, smaller-room options come with a queen-size pull-down bed, a kitchenette with a wet bar, a full bathroom with a walk-in shower, television, and even a personal balcony or porch.

Riviera Resort Tower Studio

Credit: Resorts Gal

4. Port Orleans

If you’re being mindful of your budget, you may want to consider staying at either Disney’s Port Orleans—French Quarter or Disney’s Port Orleans—Riverside. Both accommodations are on adjoining grounds and share the same host of livelier adult-specific amenities and interests.

Port Orleans French Quarter lobby

Credit: Disney

The entertainment scene at the Port Orleans Resorts is particularly happening, with options to pair great drinks with toe-tapping live musical performances, like those at Scat Cat’s at the French Quarter as well as those by the popular loved piano player Yehaa Bob at River Roost on the Riverside side. And if that’s not enough, you’re only a boat ride away from Disney Springs—the ultimate entertainment, shopping, and dining hub and nightlife scene.

The Resort has plenty of other attributes to its credit, including onsite surrey bike rentals and carriage rides. Both can be romantic pursuits for childless couples.

 Port Orleans Riverside nighttime

Credit: Disney

3. Disney’s Yacht Club and Beach Club Resorts

Here are two other sister Resorts with adjoining premises and mutual appeal for adults who may be looking to keep it all close to the bustling BoardWalk scene. These two Resorts also happen to be near EPCOT as well as Hollywood Studios and can be easily navigable to each one either by boat or walking trail.

Disney's Yacht Club

Credit: D23

In addition to being right in the hub of Disney’s more social scene, both Resorts have their fair share of on-premises attributes and amenities. The wine and dine scene offers up plenty of possibilities, for instance, with a number of great lounges and even the upscale Yachtsman Steakhouse of legendary fame.

On the recreational side, it’s worth mentioning that both Resorts share exclusive access to Disney’s impressive Stormalong Bay, which spans three acres and includes three adjoining leisure pools. This can be a most romantic spot for couples not wanting to be crowded around by others while going for a subtle soak.

Disney's Beach Club

Credit: Military Disney Tips

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2. Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

Perhaps the only thing better for couples seeking accommodations close to the bustling social scene of Disney’s famed BoardWalk promenade is to actually stay right in the heart of the said bustling social scene. And for that, there is no other Resort that fits the bill so perfectly as Disney’s BoardWalk Inn.

Disney's vibrant BoardWalk

Credit: Disney

As mentioned before, you are literally right there where all the action is. This means all the nightlife excitement, including the Atlantic Dane Hall, Jellyrolls Dueling Piano Bar, and so much more. And that’s not even including the exceptional dining scene, with options ranging from several quick service presentations to more impressive sit-down venues.

And don’t forget how close you will be to both Disney’s EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, a great escape just when you need it.

BoardWalk Inn Exterior

Credit: HowToDisney

1. Disney’s Saratoga Springs

Perhaps being in close range to the Disney theme park scene isn’t of particular necessity for you. If you don’t mind an experience that’s a little far removed—something most families with children isn’t likely to opt for—then Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort may offer up the ultimate answer.

Do take note, however, that this is a Disney Vacation Club Resort, and the cost may not be for everyone. But if you are either a serious golfer or a person who loves the shopping and dining scene over at Disney Springs, then it may work to your benefit.

Saratoga Springs Resort

Credit: Disney

Following the theme of New York’s famed Saratoga Springs Resort from the 1800s, the charming scenery, racehorse motif, and tranquil appeal as an escape into a calming oasis can definitely be just the thing adult vacationers without children are looking for. It’s also a massively spacious Resort, meaning you never feel crowded; you can actually breathe a bit.

The Resort grounds offer up plenty of lavish experiences in the way of recreation, a fitness center, and even exceptional spa services when available. They also have some of the best-kept secret dining spots as well as lounge services worth checking out. Sometimes you just need a secluded escape, and that is why Disney’s Saratoga Springs works so well for some folks!

Aerial shot of Saratoga Springs and Disney Springs


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In truth, there really aren’t any Disney Resorts that can’t appeal to adult-exclusive parties, depending on your particular interests. I’ve even found that some Value Resorts, like Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, are perfect for couples looking for a few days to get away from the scene at Walt Disney World and keep things low-key and budget-friendly.

It all comes down to those experiences you are seeking out specifically in regard to the Parks you plan on spending the most time in and other venues you are hoping to pursue. Whatever you end up choosing in the way of lodging, you can count on the convenience of Disney Resort accommodations to enhance the magic-making even further.

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