These Low-Key Lounges at Disney World Resorts Are Hidden Gems

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You’re at Walt Disney World Resort and you’re looking for a great place to take a breather, unwind with a great drink in hand, and maybe even delight in an accompanying light bite or two. Well, may I suggest taking a detour over to one of Disney’s lovely lounge locations? There are so many options awaiting your wonder, from Disney Park favorites to Disney Springs hailed hits. But maybe you’re looking to keep things a little low-key.

Sure, you can head on over to Enzo’s Hideaway over at Disney Springs — the ultimate esoteric speakeasy venue around. Or maybe you can find privacy and seclusion on location at your favorite Disney World hotel. If you’re looking to keep things easy-going, relaxed, and close to home, try visiting these top 10 low-key Disney World hotel lounges.

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10. Steak 71 Lounge

While so many diners are now taking delight in the Contemporary Resort’s newest signature restaurant, Steak 71, far fewer are aware of its corresponding Steak 71 Lounge. Following a theme that’s distinctly 1970s, the vintage-modern style in décor, bold colors, and bright bar lighting really keeps with the objective of paying tribute to Walt and Lillian Disney, during that long-ago time when the construction of Walt Disney World Resort was in the works.

There are many different seating options to choose from, including relaxed chairs and low-profile tables and loveseats in addition to those chair stools around the bar.

Steak 71 Lounge chairs

Credit: Polka Dots and Pixie Dust

It’s no secret that lavish libations are typically what lounge-goers come here for. And there are plenty of distinguishable novelties you’ll find here in that regard. In fact, several classic cocktails of a distinct 1970s appeal can be enjoyed here. One such example is their updated take on the known Tequila Sunrise Sharable — intended for two. Another one of their notable beverage specialties is the Vodka Gimlet, which is inspired by Florida’s own wetlands.

Sure, you can come to the lounge for a pre-dinner cocktail before heading into Steak 71 or even as an end-of-the-evening sendoff. Or you can choose to have your meal here alternatively, from their vast array of light bite options. While the restaurant’s signature steak isn’t on the menu, the noteworthy Stack Burger sure is.

Other delights they dish out here include Lump Crab Cakes, Loaded Macaroni & Cheese, Shrimp Cocktail, Bacon & Eggs, their signature Steakhouse 71 Onion Rings, and their fan-favorite PB&J Chicken Wings.

 PBJ Wings Steak 71

Credit: Disney

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9. Scat Cat’s Club

Over at Disney’s Port Orleans—French Quarter there’s a somewhat unassuming spot where you can even enjoy lively Jazz performances taking place on center stage in conjunction with delighting in Southern-inspired drink specialties and accompanying cuisine picks. It’s none other than Scat Cat’s Club.

While live musicians are only onsite at select times during the weekends, the unique atmosphere and setting make coming here a real treat no matter what. You have all those subtle architectural callouts in addition to exposed brick walls that really set off an exotic, almost secretive charm, not to mention all the different seating options.

Scat Cat

Credit: Disney Dining

As for the enticing drink menu to indulge in, it goes without saying that they feature a fair selection of New Orleans hits. Their contested best beverages with a fan following include their Bonfamilies Bourbon Peach Tea, Bebop Bloody Mary, Syncopation Shift, Sazerac, and Southern Hurricane. Of course, you can get other highly hailed classics here as well, not necessarily of a house specialty standing. And they even have specialty non-alcoholic features in addition.

Because a great drink deserves delicious food pairings, you should also take note of their many appetizing light bites. Delightful inclusions they’re currently serving up consist of Loaded Potato Puffs, Bayou Wings, Mardi Gras Fritters, and their signature Scat Cat’s Beignets. They also divvy out these fried favorites in a more spirited way via their Baton Rouge Beignets feature. You also can’t miss their Oyster Beignet Po’Boy either.

8. River Roost

Over at the sistering Port Orleans—Riverside Resort there’s another low-key lounge that’s pretty popular with folks who know where to look. But that’s the thing, you have to know where to look!

The entrance is somewhat unassuming, and oftentimes the door is closed when live pianist Yehaa Bob Jackson is in the house. And he’s there a lot, tickling the ivories with feel-good tunes, storybook classics, and sing-along ditties that most folks are familiar with.

Yehaa Bob

Credit Disney

River Roost is characterized by its own charm in décor and setting, with wooden tables and chairs, bar seats, and unique vintage-style lighting. But truth be told, it really is a lot like the aforementioned Scat Cat’s Club in the way of drink options. But there are some exclusive callouts to brag about here as well, like their French 75, with Argyle sparkling Brut, Hendricks Gin, lemon juice, and cane sugar.

While River Roost can’t boast about beignets, they do feature several of Scat Cat’s same delightful light bites. Additionally, they present a praiseworthy Charcuterie Board and a delicious Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Cornbread Crostini.

River Roost

Credit: Disney

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7. Tambu Lounge

Before Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto came around and stole the spotlight with all those fabulous featured concoctions and in-house special effects, there was and still is an often overlooked albeit long-time lounge destination on location at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Ironically enough, it’s pretty much out in the open, right in plain sight, occupying the same waiting space that Guests congregate within to await entering’Ohana’s. I am, of course, referring to Tambu Lounge.

Tambu Lounge

Credit: Disney

Located on the second floor of the Great Ceremonial House, this well-loved lounge takes the form of an exotic, tropical watering hole of sorts, and is admittedly small, with seating at the bar as well as spread out amongst different comfy chairs splayed about.  But their many exclusive specialties in the way of drinks are beyond compare. Yes, this is the place where you can even drink out of an entire pineapple via their signature Lapu Lapu.

They also serve up several light bite specialties as well. Some of their most notable appetizers include their California Spring Roll, Big Kahuna’s Hot Wings, Kaikane’s Barbecued Pork Ribs, and what is arguably their most popular pick: Pot Stickers.

Tamu Lounge drinks

Credit: White Glove World

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6. Victoria Falls Lounge

This lounge setup may not be as overtly exposed as the aforementioned Tambu Lounge, but it’s still basically hiding in plain sight. You’ll find it at its unassuming location within Jambo House right onsite at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. For those who flock to the more popular dining ventures here, like Jiko’s and Boma, Victoria Falls Lounge is just a climb up the stairs.


Credit: Disney

The wild, yet subtle ambiance exudes a soothing tone that is only enhanced further by the warming fire pit accompaniment right outside. And the seating offers plentiful formats, ranging from comfortable loveseats and chairs to at-the-bar options in addition.

In shifting a focus to stunning sips to be savored at Victoria Falls, it’s worth mentioning that they have a stellar selection of South African wines to choose from. But if you can’t decide, their wine flight is an appealing recommendation indeed.

You can enjoy many specialty cocktails as well as familiar favorites in the way of beer and other spirits. There truly is a bounty to choose from. But that isn’t all. They even feature several light bite pairings. Some of their notable nibbles include a Goat Cheese Dip with a variety of breads and crackers, Marinated Olives with Almonds, house-special Cape Town Slap Chips, and their Braai Burger and Seasoned Fries plate.

 Victoria Falls fare

Credit Disney

5. Crew’s Cup Lounge

If you’re looking for a refined riparian pre- or post-dinner accompaniment to Yachtsman Steakhouse over at Disney’s Yacht Club (or even a competitive alternative mealtime option), then come on into Crew’s Cup Lounge. Again, you have a rather unassuming location, through an easily overlooked doorway that’s right next to the main restaurant. In fact, you can even see into the restaurant’s steak prep window as it all comes together from this layback lounge.

The theme and décor within this lounge follow suit with that of the rest of the Yacht & Beach Club’s joint New England coastal influences. Plenty of seating options make up the scene, including tables and chairs, loveseats, and of course bar seating.

They serve up several well-known cocktails to their credit, both house specialties and acclaimed lounge libations of a more general standing. They are also highly hailed for their various scotches and specialty spirited coffees.

While the drinks certainly are counted among the attributes that Crew’s Cup Lounge is recognized for, they’re also greatly praised for their unique entrée offerings, many of which can even rival those of signature restaurants. In fact, you can actually order a 14-ounce Roasted Prime Rib dinner here just as you would right next door! Other unique offerings on the food side include Lobster Bisque, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Truffle Fries, and several others.


Credit: Disney

4. Dahlia Lounge

It’s hard to describe the decor and design elements that characterize this rooftop lounge, on location at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort’s Gran Destino Tower. It combines the warm, vibrant colors of Spanish artistry with a vintage yet contemporary style that can only be considered nostalgically modern. There are even old photos hanging up of Walt Disney and Salvador Dali — a tribute to the two men and their collaboration on the animated short Destino (which inspired the Gran Destino Tower). But among the biggest standout features showcased in Dahlia Lounge are of course those large windows that offer up optimal vast-stretching views of the surrounding Parks and beyond.

As for the refined beverages to enjoy here, some include the best hard-to-find Spanish wines and novelty cocktails, all brought together by expert mixologists working onsite. From tonics to martinis, and everything else, the extensive libations are almost as vast as the panoramic views outside.

Aside from specialty drinks, Dahlia Lounge garners high praise for its vast tapas selections as well. Between the drinks and the food presentations, it really is easy to fill up here. Some of their most acclaimed enticements on the edible side include Tortilla Espanola, Spanish Charcuterie, Crispy Artichokes, Croquettes, Chicken Wings, Shrimp Pil Pil, and so many others.


Credit: Disney

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3. Barcelona Lounge

Dahlia Lounge isn’t the only lounge onsite at Coronado Springs. I could list several other great places to get a drink, including alternate lounge locations. But for my next focus, I’m moving to a unique venue that doubles as both a café by day and lounge by night: Barcelona Lounge. Located on the building’s lowest level, this venue serves as a work of art in the way of the stunning surrounding décor.

In this case, you even have an impressive glass mosaic mural standing out in stellar vibrancy from behind the bar. And here too you have enormous windows offering up delightful views — this time looking right out to Lago Dorado. What’s more, an adjoining outdoor patio lets you have even more room to enjoy.


Credit: Disney

As stated previously, Barcelona Lounge operates as a happening café early on in the day, serving up mainly specialty coffee drinks along with some light breakfast bites — largely croissant sandwiches and such. Some of their morning drinks do offer up a spirited kick, however, like their Café Carajillo with brandy and their Barraquito with Licor 43.

Evening enticements include several specialty and familiar brews and blended cocktails, as well as zero-proof cocktails in addition. Light bites here are more traditional, with such offerings as Spanish Charcuteria, Marinated Olives, Spanish Artisanal Cheeses, Hummus and Vegetables, and their Taste of Barcelona (which features olives, almonds, and Manchego cheese).


Credit: Disney

2. Turf Club Lounge

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort is already somewhat private and more esoteric than other Disney World Resort hotels. It’s also far larger, with much more room and opportunity for escaping into privacy. So, it goes without saying that their resident Turf Club Lounge would be counted as a hidden gem.


Credit: Disney

The lounge is done up in a nice racing horse motif, which continues perfectly with the same prevalent theme that the entire premises are known for. And among the beauty to behold, you get to enjoy fantastic views overlooking both Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course as well as neighboring Disney Springs in the distance. With seating that is comfy and plentiful, it provides the perfect blend of elegant yet laidback casual ease.

As for the drinks you can count on here, they offer a profuse variation of well-known hits, from beers to crafted cocktails, and even some mocktails that are so tasty that no added spirits are necessary.

You can also enjoy a host of light bite pairings either as an accompaniment to your lavish libations or separately. Their Turf Burger is undoubtedly their biggest hit, but their homemade pizzas aren’t too shabby either, nor are their house-cut fries.

1. Enchanted Rose Lounge

Dahlia Lounge isn’t the only flower blooming within Disney World’s lounge scene. Over at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, drinkers seeking out something both beautiful and beastly can get their fill with this most enchanting experience.

 Enchanted Rose2

Credit: Disney

Located on the second floor of the main lobby on the site of what was formerly Mizner’s Lounge is the wonderful Beauty and the Beast-themed Enchanted Rose Lounge. In addition to Mizner’s, other surrounding areas that were removed for this remodel include the former Commander Porter’s men’s store, a balcony, and the bandstand which has since been relocated to the lower level. And to say the remodel was a success would be an understatement — it’s nothing less than the transformative works of an enchantress.

Plenty of different seating (and even room locations) make up the Enchanted Rose Lounge. And there are so many callouts from the timeless fairytale classic, including props and recreations of different scenery.

Enchanted Rose

Credit: Disney

On the drinks side, you will find signature-themed novelties and conventional classics alike. From featured cocktails like the Floral Bitter Beauty to their Espresso Martini and so many beer, cider, and wine selections, this is definitely the place you’re going to want to be a Guest at.

As far as food goes, they present a fabulous spread in both light bites and more filling small plates. From Warm Marinated Olives to Smoked Trout and Crab Dip, Caviar to Artisanal Cheese Selections, there’s just so much to brag about regarding the overall experience here.

 Enchanted Rose libations

Credit: Disney

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You will find so many other low-key lounge options to take delight in at a number of other venues throughout Walt Disney World Resort. From theme park options to those making up the bustling scene at Disney Springs, you can’t help but love the idea of lounging around at Disney’s best low-key Resort lounges.

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