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‘Frozen’ Reportedly Disney’s Next Live-Action Remake!

anna and elsa
Credit: Disney

Disney fans are excited about the possibility that the incredibly popular animated film ‘Frozen’ is rumored to be Disney’s next live-action remake.

Disney movies are among the most beloved animated features on the planet. Fans from all around the world adore these stories and the representation and joy they bring. Recently, Disney has begun a trend of turning their animated movies into live-action movies. Strategically, these have been incredibly astute business decisions, as many of these movies have done very well, but there have also been some that have flopped.

Now, it appears there might be another live-action remake on the horizon.

On the left, two animated characters, one with white hair in a braid and another with brown hair in two braids, are smiling. On the right, a person in a pink hoodie and pink earmuffs stands with their back to the camera, wearing a backpack with the two characters' images.

Credit: Disney

Rumors Swirl Frozen Will Be Disney’s Next Live-Action Remake

Per a recent report from Disney Dining, the beloved and iconic Disney movie Frozen is likely to be a Disney live-action remake. The site reported that while there has been no official confirmation that a live-action remake was in the works, given the film’s popularity with fans, undoubtedly, it would be a successful one, provided it was made well.

ScreenRant also shared the news on X, formerly known as Twitter, explaining that while nothing is official yet, the demand from fans could change this quickly.

When Would the Frozen Live-Action be Released?

The reality is the live-action remake of Frozen—if it does happen—is unlikely to be in the lineup anytime soon. The Walt Disney Company is still working on the Frozen franchise, with Frozen III confirmed by Bob Iger to be in the line for production. Some speculate that the third installment in the franchise will be released in November 2025.

However, Disney has given no word on how many animated feature films they expect to make with Frozen. As long as the animated series continues to be profitable, changing tack to making a live-action remake doesn’t make the most sense.

guest wearing elsa t-shirt disney merchandise (left), elsa from frozen (right)

Credit: Disney

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Who Would Be Cast in the Frozen Live-Action Remake?

Since this is unconfirmed by Disney, it’s wholly unknown who would comprise the cast of this iconic film, but we’re certain many fans are hopeful that the original cast (including Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Josh Gad) that brought the film to life might reprise their roles even in a live-action version.

Some fans have expressed that they would like to see actresses Anna Kendrick as Queen Anna and Florence Pugh or Evan Rachel Wood as Princess Elsa. Others recalled Disney’s Once Upon a Time and shared that perhaps the actresses who portrayed the sisters in the television show were best suited to the role.

This said, considering the characters are meant to be much younger, it’s possible that Disney could also discover new talent and feature the next big name in this movie. At this point, the world is Disney’s oyster.

Frozen Cast Disney Legends Ceremony

The Frozen cast during the Disney Legends Ceremony—Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Kristen Bell, Jonathon Groff / Credit: D23

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What is heartening to note, however, is that unlike Disney’s older movies such as Snow White, Peter Pan, or The Lady and the Tramp, little about Disney’s Frozen is considered to be problematic by audiences, which means that if Disney were to release a live-action Frozen, very little would change!

Stay tuned to Disney Fanatic for updates on this and all other Disney news!

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