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Gaston Shows Hilarious Improv Skills After Disney Guest Deflects His Charm

Gaston at Disney Park
Credit: Disney; Instagram, @arisenchantment

Character interactions at Disney theme parks are always filled with surprises. Meeting specific characters also allows for some back-and-forth conversation that is often hilarious and unexpected. Recently, an unforgettable encounter between a female Guest and Gaston, the self-assured villain from Beauty and the Beast, has taken the internet by storm, leaving fans and online viewers in stitches.

Gaston Beauty and the Beast

Credit: Disney

Gaston at Disney Park

Gaston, known for his larger-than-life personality and reveling in his own self-importance, has long captivated Disney Park Guests with his charm and wit. The character’s ability to fully embody his narcissistic and charismatic traits has made him a fan favorite. Whether through his playful banter, captivating presence, or flirtatious skills, Gaston is usually always a fun character to encounter.

Disneyland in California is often considered a definitive way to meet favorite characters, as they are often left to their own devices. Walt Disney World still offers good character experiences, but they are very structured and short compared to some of the other Parks. This is almost entirely due to the large Guest attendance, as the performers are great.

Gaston Disney parade

Credit: Flickr, looseey

No One Improvs Like Gaston

During this viral TikTok encounter, which has now garnered over a million likes online, Gaston found himself in a comical exchange with a female Guest. Confidently claiming that the beloved Belle is head over heels for him, Gaston attempts to relate to the Guest, suggesting that she “knows the feeling.” However, with her quick wit, the Guest revealed she is a lesbian, playfully challenging Gaston’s assumption.

In a moment of spontaneity, Gaston stayed in character just enough to keep the conversation light and innocent while remaining true to his self-absorbed persona. Responding with laughter and a shrug, Gaston cheekily remarked, “I’m Gaston,” in a matter-of-fact tone. This caused intense laughter from the Guests while showcasing Gaston’s impressively quick improv skills. TikTok user @arisenchantment uploaded the video with the caption, “THIS HAD ME ROLLING!”


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He’s Especially Good at Captivating

Fans responding to the video found it extremely funny and endearing. They were impressed with Gaston’s ability to think of a comeback that didn’t break character while doing it without much thought. Some point out that even Gaston looks shocked with his own quick wit for a moment.

This endearing and hilarious encounter showcases the remarkable talent of the character actors at Disney Parks. With their improvisational skills and commitment to embodying beloved characters, these actors create magical moments that delight Guests and entertain everyone.

Disney character interactions can sometimes end awkwardly, but moments like this truly stand out as innocent fun. Meet-and-greets at Disney Parks are still a genuinely unique and fun experience and make for some hilarious viral videos, given the right setup. Gaston at this Disney Park nailed it!

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