Disney World Updates Distinctive Space Mountain Feature

Space Mountain PhotoPass
Credit: Disney

Disney World is known for its continuous evolution and commitment to Guest satisfaction. The theme park has recently introduced a small but significant update to one of its beloved rides. Space Mountain has seen a notable transformation that fans of the attraction will instantly notice. Whether the visual change works or not is up for debate.

Magic Kingdom Space Mountain

Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom Park / Credit: Disney

Disney’s History of Change

Walt Disney World is no stranger to change. In fact, several of its classic offerings are very different than when they first launched. Even Splash Mountain is currently being entirely replaced with a new ride, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Space Mountain at Disneyland Resort in California is unrecognizable from its original iteration. The Parks consistently seek to enhance Guest satisfaction by introducing and upgrading new experiences. From iconic landmarks receiving refurbishments to classic attractions being reimagined, Disney World’s commitment to growth ensures visitors always have something new to discover.

Space Mountain Ride Vehicle

Credit: Disney

Space Mountain PhotoPass Change

One of the latest enhancements can be found on Space Mountain, the beloved roller coaster that has thrilled countless riders over the years with its cosmic flair. Disney World has revamped the onboard PhotoPass feature, replacing the previous basic frames and spaceport-themed grids with a modern and visually captivating warp border. Scott Gustin showed off the new PhotoPass update on Twitter.

The new warp border adds a touch of contemporary charm to the onboard photos captured during the high-speed roller coaster. As Guests zoom through the dark expanse of Space Mountain, the sleek and dynamic warp border elegantly frames their moments of excitement, giving the photos a futuristic appeal.

Mixed Reactions

However, the reaction has been mixed on social media. Some are happy to see the old border go, but many others hate the change. They point out that the image looks rough in the examples shown on Twitter. In giving the photo the feeling of moving through space, the blurring of people’s heads looks distorted and could cause really bad issues, as seen in other rides that utilize this method.

Others liked the change. They are impressed with the new look and hope other attractions will get the same treatment.

Disney makes many changes, some of which are better received than others. This particular instance is entirely up to each individual. While the new look for Space Mountain’s PhotoPass images is full of color, criticism over it is entirely valid. Some people want to keep the retro look, while others will embrace the change.

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