Gina Carano Fans Slam Disney for Whoopi Goldberg Suspension

Whoopi Goldberg, Gina Carano
Credit: Disney (left), ABC (right)

Past Disney actress and current co-host of ABC’s The View, Whoopi Goldberg, received a suspension from the Disney-owned television station after offensively erroneous comments she made about The Holocaust sparked outrage.

Her punishment is only a two-week suspension, and after watching the Star Wars and Disney+ star Gina Carano get completely fired due to an Instagram post, fans are starting to demand an explanation. Many are already claim the decision falls on partisan bias.

One person tweeted:

Roseanne Barr: Fired by ABC over a joke tweet

Gina Carano: Fired by Disney, who owns ABC over a Holocaust Instagram post

Whoopi Goldberg: Dismisses the Holocaust and says extremely racist/anti-Semitic statements on live tv at ABC — crickets

Hmmm This isn’t weird in the least

Another person responded saying:

Cause @WhoopiGoldberg is a liberal, and @ginacarano is a conservative, Whoopi gets preferential treatment.

But this exchange is not the only instance, and rather than blame ABC, fans through blame directly on its parent company and Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

Another fan wrote:

Wow, Gina Carano lost her job at Disney over less. Like WAY less, but Whoopi gets a 2 week suspension for anti-semitism and DOUBLING DOWN ON IT. @Disney could care less about being a “values” company as Bob Chapek said.

Gina Carano

Credit: Disney

Fans also separate the two instances by giving Gina Carano credit for making a legitimate comparison to current and past situations.

One fan wrote,

So @WhoopiGoldberg rips a rant with a controversial take about the #holocaust and gets two weeks off, but @ginacarano makes a reference to current and past political situations and she got fired. #seemsfair #byebyewhoopi

Whoopi Goldberg made comments claiming that the Holocaust was “not about race” and that the Jews and Gypsies targetted were “two groups of white people.”

Whoopi Goldberg

Credit: ABC

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Gina Carano’s comments, on the other hand, did not dispute the racism behind the Holocaust, but she made a bold comparison of its lead up to the present day and how many treat each other today, especially concerning viewpoints on politics, the pandemic, and vaccinations.

Here is a picture of the now-deleted IG story from

Gina Carano IG Post

Gina Carano IG Post (now deleted)

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