‘Double Standards:’ Gina Carano Speaks on Whoopi Goldberg’s Suspension

Gina Carano
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Gina Carano, MMA fighter and past star of the Disney+ Star Wars Series The Mandalorian, broke her silence today on Disney/ABC’s handling of Whoopi Goldberg’s comments on The Holocaust which were considered offensive and erroneous.

Goldberg, a past star of several Disney movie projects and the current co-host of ABC’s The View, was given a two-week suspension for arguing that The Holocaust was not about race and that the Jews and Gypsies targetted by the Nazis were just “two groups of white people.” Meanwhile, Carano was completely fired by Disney for attempting to accurately use The Holocaust as a warning against fascism in our present day.

Whoopi Goldberg, Gina Carano

Credit: Disney (left), ABC (right)

It was not long after the announcement of Goldberg’s suspension that fans and social commentators started to compare the two incidents, accusing Disney for “preferential treatment” to Goldberg for a variety of reasons. Click the link below to read out coverage on that.

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Carano herself provided her thoughts on the ruling yesterday as well, tweeting simply:

“Two weeks to slow the double standards.”

Check it out:

Several fans sided with the star in replies.

One fan wrote back,

“Two weeks is basically them saying, go home Whoopi, take a break, rest up and let’s just let this blow over… the fact you got fired for less is inexcusable..”

Another wrote:

“There is no double standard. That’s an illusion to fool the normies. The standard is this: “anything that advances woekism is good. Everything that doesn’t will be cancelled.”

And a third chimed in about the realities of this “double standard” seen on Disney+.

“Missed you in today’s episode of Book of boba. You would have been bad ass joining up with that crew.”

While it can’t be confirmed or denied whether or not a double standard was truly present in Disney’s decision-making, one thing is clear: fans have taken a side, and they are vocally standing by their favorite shock trooper and New Republic Marshall Cara Dune.

Cara Dune

Cred: Disney

But Carano tweeted a second time that day, sending a message of love and advocating for “Conversation over cancellation.”:

I want to send blessings & love out to the Jewish community.  When I was being smeared, cancelled & misunderstood, it was a Jewish man @benshapiro who reached out & asked if I’d like to talk about it. Maybe @WhoopiGoldberg could talk to Ben.

As The Mandalorian season three continues production, Gina Carano is set to star in a new western movie project produced by The Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro.

Gina Carano, Cara Dune, The Mandalorian

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

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