Good Morning America Anchor BANNED From Studio

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Good Morning America reports headlines on a daily basis. They cover the breaking news as it happens that affects all of our daily lives. “GMA” as it is known by fans, is one of the most trusted news outlets in the business. Today though, they are making headlines themselves!

Rob covering a storm

Credit: Rob Marciano on Facebook

A few months ago the internet was (and honestly still is) abuzz about two Good Morning America anchors, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes dating. At first, the world thought they were each secretly having an affair and doing so in broad daylight with multiple candid paparazzi photos showcasing the romance. It was an absolute scandal. Soon though it was found out that Holmes and Robach had separated from their spouses and were in the lengthy process of getting a divorce. The two and Good Morning America parted ways and are in talks of having their own talk show on a different network.

Today news broke that around the same time, Good Morning America was dealing with another scandal. Weatherman Rob Marciano has not been in the studio since November 2022 due to making employees feel “uncomfortable” according to The Independent.

Rob celebrating Valentine's Day

Credit: Rob Marciano on Facebook

Marciano has been with ABC since 2014 (Disney is the parent company of ABC.) and was well-known and liked to the point that many have questioned his disappearance. While he has not been physically in studio, Marciano has done weather segments on location. As of March 21, 2023, he is not on location for the sake of his job; he is BANNED from the iconic Times Square studio.

Rob and his family

Credit: Rob Marciano on Facebook

This comes as it was announced in July of 2022, that Rob was divorcing his wife of over a decade. The Independent cites Marciano had been stressed about divorce, and it was well known in the office. Now divorced and banned from his job, what is next for once heart-throb weatherman Rob Marciano?

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