Another Guest Is ‘Dress-Coded’ After Wearing An Offensive Shirt


These days, if you wear an eye-catching outfit to a Disney Park, you seem to be more likely to face scrutiny from other Guests than ever before. The Disney dress code and its opposition with the revealing or offensive outfits that some Disney Guests have been wearing have combined to create a particularly contentious topic — and even to cause some Disney Guests to hire personal stylists before trips, to ensure that they have not broken the Disney dress code during their Disney vacations!

In the past, Disney Cast Members often gave out free shirts when Guests wore revealing or inappropriate clothing, and the dress code was kept vague so that Cast Members could make decisions about Guests’ problematic outfits at their own discretion.

However, many Disney Guests have been inappropriately taking advantage of that, so it takes a lot to get a free shirt from Disney now — and one Guest just made the cut in a negative way!


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TikTok user Anyeliz Davila (@anyelizdavila) was visiting a Disney Park recently while wearing a shirt that showed a naked woman lounging on a pool float, and the shirt was seen to be problematic enough to merit a voucher for a free shirt.

This is essentially a command to change one’s clothing and remove the offensive apparel; it is not clear if this Guest actually followed through with the outfit change that the voucher facilitated, but you can see the voucher in the video shown above!


Another TikToker was “dress coded” recently for supposedly wearing a revealing outfit.

Anyeliz Davila incorrectly interpreted the voucher as a citation of sorts, but many Disney Park Guests were quick to point out in the comments that it was indeed a free shirt voucher — and they were also quick to criticize the TikToker for wearing something so inappropriate in a family-friendly theme park.

disney guest dress code

Disneybounding involves dressing up in an outfit or style that is inspired by a favorite Disney character — but you may also risk violating the Disney dress code when you’re visiting the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and other Disney Parks.

Being “dress coded” in a Disney Park does seem to vary on a case-by-case basis these days, since we have seen some Disney theme park Guests with revealing clothes or offensive tattoos being warned off while others have not been called out by Cast Members.

Do you put more thought into your own Disney vacation outfits these days when you’re visiting the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios?

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