VIDEO: ‘Scarred’ Guests Feel Disney Park Dress Code Rules Should Be Stricter

disney world dress code

Disney’s dress code seems to be too loose for certain fans, who feel that the Parks need to enforce stricter dress codes for women.

The Disney Theme Park dress code is infamous. It’s been at the center of many TikTok trends, and hacks to get a free shirt—which resulted in Cast Members stopping the “magical moments” tradition, and has also eventually resulted in some fans being turned away from Disney Parks.


The Walt Disney Magic Kingdom statue/Disney

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But while some fans have felt Disney’s dress code can be too strict, there’s a new voice for the Disney World dress code to be even stricter.

Disney fan and Guest, Grant Sherrod (@bgsherrod) shared a TikTok with his views. Check it out:


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Sherrod started his video by stating his video was directed at all Guests from around the world, but “mainly women.” He continued,

“This is a family Park. This is not Chip N Dales…If you gonna wear some white shorts or some white pants in the Florida heat, don’t wear colorful underwear. I saw a lady, and I tell you no lie, I can remember the cheetah print underwear and them white pants, and it scarred my brain. Like my brain is so scarred that I had to come home and get me a bottle of Grey Goose to recover. Like, why?”

Sherrod continued later on in the video that “Disney World needed to come up with some type of clothing guideline that basically says what you can and cannot wear at certain times.”

He said he had seen too much: “And I mean, I’m talking about older women now. And the granny panties and their thongs! Like if I see a 65-year-old woman wearing a thong again, I will probably just gouge my eyeballs out.”

Main Street U.S.A., Magic Kingdom/Disney

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The majority of the comments on the video agreed with Sherrod, as well, agreeing with some of the wild sights Disney World had afforded them in the past.

Per Disney, they “[reserve] the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests.” Some examples of what this means include people over the age of 14 not being allowed to wear a costume, though some Disney bounding is allowed. Read more on that in this post from Disney Parks Blog.

Find a full list of their rules here.

We also recently reported on a Guest who was terrified she would be kicked out of Disneyland Resort for her attire.

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