Guest Yells at Cast Member and Challenges Disney Dress Code

cast member kali river rapids

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort (not to mention Disneyland Paris) Guests have been behaving increasingly badly in the Disney Parks and Resorts, breaking rules and fistfighting or yelling at Disney Cast Members. Now, yet another Walt Disney World Guest has behaved badly and unkindly towards a Cast Member — but this time, the Guest’s reaction involved the Disney dress code that many Guests have been challenging in recent months.

Kali River Rapids

The Kali River Rapids water ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Credit: D23

In the TikTok video shown below, a Guest can be seen yelling at the Cast Member who is manning the queue for the Animal Kingdom water ride called Kali River Rapids. Judging by the video footage, it seems like the Guest wanted someone in her family to go on the Kali River Rapids ride in a swimsuit — but the Disney dress code does not allow for that, since a bathing suit is not considered to be appropriate clothing.


I don’t go out of my way to film guest behaving badly, but I happen to be filming content. Guest behavior has gotten worse. Maybe it’s entitlement, maybe it’s the Florida Hades heat ?, I don’t know, but please, stop yelling at CM ?. Oh, and #haveamagicalday❤️?

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“I don’t go out of my way to film guest [sic] behaving badly, but I happen [sic] to be filming content,” the TikTok user wrote. “Guest behavior has gotten worse. Maybe it’s entitlement, maybe it’s the Florida Hades heat, I don’t know, but please, stop yelling at CM.”

Many Disney Cast Members spoke up in the comments, sharing their own negative experiences with Guests and the times that they have been yelled at or treated poorly by Guests. “As a CM, thank you for being kind and respectful. I’ve been yelled at for many things,” one Cast Member wrote.

“I get screamed at on the daily now. Used to just be once a week,” another wrote, while a third Cast Member who had also been “screamed at so terribly” chimed in with the statement that “it wasn’t like this before 2020”.

splash mountain cast member

A Cast Member who works in the Magic Kingdom on Splash Mountain recently spoke up about the abuses she faces from Guests.

Disney’s dress code is a stipulation and regulation that many TikTok users have been openly trying to take advantage of in recent months, oftentimes by deliberately wearing offensive or inappropriate clothing in an effort to be given free clothes. In this case, it seems like the issue was not a scheme concocted by the Animal Kingdom Guest.

Instead, it looks like the Guest was yelling at the Cast Member as a participant in the more traditional (albeit still disturbing) habit of Disney Guests: breaking the rules. Disney Guests have broken many rules lately and gone so far as to engage in fistfights physically, but mistreating Cast Members is becoming a big problem as well.

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