Guest’s Annual Pass Unfairly Revoked, Sparks Discussion About Smoking in the Parks

disney magic key revoked
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Disney Parks are places where one goes to escape the hardships and challenges of daily life, it’s where many of us go to relive our childhoods. However, sometimes things can go awry at the Disney Parks—be that Walt Disney World Resort and its four Theme Parks, including Magic Kingdom Park or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, or Disneyland Resort with Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. Sometimes, Guests can behave in ways that are unbecoming for being in a Disney Park, or sometimes, mistakes can happen on Disney’s part as well.

mickey mouse disneyland park

Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Park/Courtesy of Disney

Recently, a Magic Key pass holder shared they got their pass revoked by Disney—and unfairly so at that—and took to the social media platform Reddit to try and work out what happened and share their story.

u/Scoiatael shared, “I got an email this afternoon saying my Magic Key was revoked. I had gone to Disneyland on Saturday with my daughter. We didn’t have any interaction during the day with any staff and didn’t do anything wrong as far as I know. Has this happened to anyone else?”
The Guest also added they called the Magic Key line, but the Cast Members couldn’t see what the issue was, so the Guest has to now wait for 5-7 days to find out what happened.
disneyland resort pixar pier

Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure Park / Courtesy of Disney

Most Guests shared possibilities for why this could have happened, some suggested perhaps the OP has a common name, and others said it might be a tech glitch. What was most interesting, however, was that through this discussion, one commenter asked the OP, “Did you have any interactions in the parking structure? Smoking? My friend got theirs revoked for smoking in the parking structure, it was caught on the cameras.”

While the OP clarified they weren’t a smoker, many others revealed themselves to have broken one of Disney’s rules and smoked on-site—albeit in the parking lot.

disneyland cast members

Disneyland Cast Members/ Courtesy of Disney

As of publishing this article, it is not yet clear whether the Guest who’s pass was revoked got their membership reinstated.

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