Guests Complain As Splash Mountain Falls Further Into Disrepair


A classic Disney ride is on its way out in a very permanent fashion — but unfortunately, this Magic Kingdom Park ride’s grand finale is proving to be very underwhelming for Walt Disney World Resort Guests!

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests have been complaining about the constant ride breakdowns, animatronic malfunctions, and ride evacuations that have plagued the Disney Parks in recent months.

splash mountain disneyland

Splash Mountain is a Magic Kingdom Park water ride that involves a steep descent, Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear — not to mention the song Zip A Dee Doo Dah from the controversial film called Song of the South. Disneyland Resort/Disney

Disney is reportedly dealing with a staff shortage in the maintenance department, meaning that mechanics who can repair the Disney rides or roller coasters (alongside Walt Disney Imagineers from Walt Disney Imagineering, of course) are supposedly in short supply.

Because Disney Park and Disney vacation ticket prices and costs have been increasing rapidly, however, the failure of Disney rides to perform well and to perform consistently has been particularly upsetting for Disney Guests — and especially on Splash Mountain!

bob iger splash mountain

Many Disney fans had hoped that Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger would somehow save Splash Mountain from closure.

We have seen numerous reports of difficulties with the famous logs that transport Guests on the Splash Mountain ride in the Magic Kingdom Park, as well as animatronics’ absences and plenty of glitches, malfunctions, or signs of general disrepair.

It was recently announced that Splash Mountain’s final days would be in January of 2023 (at least at Walt Disney World Resort; Disneyland Resort’s Splash Mountain closure date has not yet been announced), despite the return of Disney CEO Bob Iger and any changes that he plans to make.

As with any soon-to-be-closed-forever or limited-edition product, rides on Splash Mountain will be high in demand for what remains of December and the majority of January before the Disney ride shuts down. However, that influx of demand might be tempered by the amount of negative complaints that have also surrounded the ride!

Splash Mountain Closing Date

Splash Mountain is being replaced with a Princess and the Frog ride called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure; the ride will focus on Princess Tiana, her husband Prince Naveen, and friends like Louis the alligator. It will be set in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana and New Orleans, and will most likely include references to Tiana’s status as a chef, restaurant owner, and a creator of dishes like gumbo or beignets.

Concept art Tiana Attraction

Concept art for the Princess and the Frog ride from Walt Disney Imagineering; the ride is about Princess Tiana, which is called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Credit: Disney

Some Disney fans are excited about this new ride from Walt Disney Imagineering, and are not mourning the Splash Mountain ride as much as one might expect — but, if the large number of complaints about Splash Mountain’s current state are to be believed, then this might be an understandable reaction!

What was Splash Mountain like on your last Disney vacation? Have you noticed that the Magic Kingdom ride is in bad shape?

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