Here’s Why EPCOT on New Year’s Eve is a MUST DO

EPCOT New Year's Eve

My fellow Disney Fanatics, if you are looking for the best party on Walt Disney World Resort Property throughout the year, you will find that answer to be New Year’s Eve celebration at EPCOT. This truly global party runs right through midnight and offers the most diverse and most fulfilling countdown to a new year than any other party at Disney World and arguably anywhere else, period.

Here are three reasons why:

Every Nation on World Showcase Gets Involved

EPCOT Christmas/New Years

Credit: Disney

As you begin your walk around World Showcase after sunset, you will notice multiple shows going on. British Invasion is playing all night at the UK Pavilion, there is a rave going on in Italy and China (which also boasts a fire-breathing dragon!), and a dance party going on in Japan. There is a live band playing on stage at the American Adventure as well. This diversity of party options is a marvelous work of noise control and population control. The sound from each pavilion does not overflow into the next party, and the main thoroughfare around World Showcase Lagoon remains relatively clear as people pack onto the dance floors.

After spending the night partying in the country of your choice, there is a New Year’s Eve fireworks spectacular that begins with a special countdown that recognizes when the more-eastern nations represented rang in the new year. Beginning with China and Japan, followed by Norway, Germany, and Italy, then the UK, France, and Morocco, a mini firework display is launched atop each pavilion before finally ringing in the new year for the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Space and Special Drinks

EPCOT New Year's Eve

Credit: TK Bosacki/Disney Fanatic

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I cannot stress how much space is actually experienced at EPCOT on one of the busiest nights of the whole year. The only major lockup I experienced was around Mexico, where everybody seemed to line up for miles to get the margaritas. But beyond that, there is no sense of claustrophobia like you will experience at Magic Kingdom Park. The different party options seriously do wonders in distributing the crows.

There are also kiosks with specialty drinks and champagne stations that are rarely seen, and special light-up glasses and cubes are available for purchase. It feels like the Food and Wine Festival after dark and on steroids.

You Can Walk Back to Your Resort

BoardWalk Promenade

Credit: Disney

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I know that I might lose some people on this one due to how much these Disney Resort Hotels can cost. But if you ever decide to fork over the cash to stay at one of these Resorts on a Disney vacation, save it for New Year’s Eve because it is a lifesaver!

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, Disney’s Yacht Club and Beach Club, and Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Hotels are all accessible by walking from EPCOT via the International Gateway exit. Many times, the Party will also unofficially continue on the BoardWalk with people who are not ready to go to sleep just yet, and it is a great time to make friends with fellow Disney fans.

To quote Saving Mr. Banks, “a leisurely stroll is a gift,” especially after you have been drinking around the world to the end of a long tiresome year. It will also save you the trouble of dealing with the hordes of people trying to shuffle their way onto Disney’s public transport systems.

New Year’s Eve at EPCOT is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will want to go back and do over and over again. But be warned: EPCOT will reach capacity very quickly, and people will stick around for the whole day to secure their spot for this party. If you do not have an EPCOT Theme Park Reservation for December 31, we wish you the best of luck in your Park Hopper endeavors at 2 pm.

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