How to Become A Disney Pro in 10 Easy Steps

Cinderella's Castle

A trip to Disney can be pretty intimidating if you don’t know the ropes. Your first trip to Disney can be quite the challenge but you can become a Disney pro in no time! Here are ten easy steps to make you a Disney pro before your next trip!

1. Study the maps beforehand. Before you get to Orlando, get yourself familiar with the layout. The parks in Orlando are going through quite a bit of change right now so you never know what might have changed since your last trip. If this is your first trip, look up maps online or browse the My Disney Experience App on your phone. This will give you a better sense of direction and give you a chance to plan out your days.

2. Bring cheap sandals. If you plan on riding water rides like Splash Mountain or the Kali River Rapids, I really can’t stress this enough. Bring a pair of flip flops or water shoes if you are not already wearing sandals during your day. You don’t want to be caught wearing wet socks in your sneakers all day. It can be miserable and cause blisters and achy feet. Be safe and bring flip flops to keep in your bag!

3. Get free water at restaurants. Did you know you can save money on drinks at Disney by getting ice water in the quick service restaurants? Instead of bringing in a lot of bottles of water into the park, take advantage of the free cups of water. You’ve paid enough for your park tickets and hotel, you deserve a few free ice waters.

4. Dress the part. Disney is the place where that Mickey Mouse shirt is not only acceptable, but encouraged! Wear your best Disney gear whether you decide to wear a souvenir tee shirt or try Disneybounding because this is the time to show your Disney side!

5. Take the Monorail. Rookies tend to make the mistake of taking the ferry into the Magic Kingdom. Don’t do it! I beg you! The ferry is something we all do once in our lives, but it is always crowded and much slower than the Monorail. I took the ferry out of the Magic Kingdom and that has been my biggest regret at Disney. The Monorail is definitely the way to go to save you time and also give you a cool once in a life time travel experience.

6. Get used to walking. Before your trip, it’s good to start exercising. Going to Disney might be a vacation but that doesn’t mean it’s relaxing. There’s a lot of walking and if you’re not used to walking miles every day it can get pretty taxing. Start taking daily walks a couple months before your trip as to build up your stamina. I’ve gone to Disney enough to learn that it’s like training for an endurance race. You have to prepare because if you don’t, you will be so sore and miserable half way through your trip.

7. Get to stage shows early. I don’t believe in using my Fast Pass+ on stage shows with the possible exception of Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios. If you plan to see a show, simply give yourself a little bit of time to wait before the doors open. You’ll still get excellent seats and you will still have that Fast Pass+ to use for other rides.

8. Have realistic expectations. Trying to do everything Disney has to offer is impossible in one trip. It is imperative to prioritize what’s really important to you so you don’t miss out on those wonderful experiences. Experienced Disney goers know that you always have to hit your favorite attractions and restaurants first then save some room in your schedule to try out the new experiences.

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9. Get to the parks early. I like to get to the parks right when they open because it’s usually cooler in temperature and less crowded than late morning and early afternoon. This is one of the best times to hit those big rides that draw long lines. I’ve gotten to the Magic Kingdom at rope drop and was able to ride Space Mountain several times in a row without waiting in a long line. You can hit those most iconic rides and save your Fast Pass+ for other rides.

10. Don’t Stress! No vacation is going to be perfect. Something will inevitably go wrong so don’t sweat it! Being a Disney Pro means you can handle any hiccups in your trip. You’re on vacation so just soak it in and do what you want. Planning your vacation can be stressful but once you’re in the parks, that all fades away. Have fun, you’re at Disney after all!

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Jessica is currently a photographer and writer as well as a full time college student pursuing her bachelor’s in History. She is a self-professed Disney Addict and feels no need to cut down on her “addiction.” Being from the South, Jessica is just a stone’s throw away from the Happiest Place on Earth and is planning her next visit so she can finally meet Anna and Elsa. Disney is one of her biggest passions and she looks forward to sharing her Disney tips and tricks with you!

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