More Details Revealed About ‘Even Stevens’ Actor’s Death

jansen panettiere death

Last week we reported on the tragic death of Even Stevens actor Jansen Panettiere. The actor, a young 28, was survived by his sister, Hayden Panettiere, his parents, father Skip Panettiere, and mother, Lesley Vogel, and also left behind a girlfriend, Catherine Michie. At the time of his demise, very little was known about the circumstances surrounding it, however, now more information has come to light regarding Jansen Panettiere and what caused his untimely death.

jansen panettiere and hayden panettiere

Late actor Jansen Panettiere and actress Hayden Panettiere/Courtesy of Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection

As revealed to ABC News, the Panettiere family shared that the cause of death was determined to be “cardiomegaly (enlarged heart).”  Per the medical examiner, this condition, “coupled with aortic valve complications,” proved fatal to the young actor and resulted in Jansen’s sudden passing. They also shared a statement with ABC News,

“We sincerely appreciate the outpouring of love and support towards our family as we navigate this unthinkable loss, and ask that we be gifted our privacy during this time of mourning. We love you so much Jansen and you will be in our hearts forever.”

even stevens disney channel

‘Even Stevens’ show poster/Courtesy of Disney

Panettiere passed away in New York City on February 19. It was reported that Panettiere was found unconscious and unresponsive by a friend he was supposed to meet up with that day, sitting upright in a chair, as per a police report acquired by Fox News. Per news outlets, Panettiere’s friend, Benjamin Brown, was performing CPR on him in the late actor’s living room when the paramedics arrived.

jansen panettiere died

Actress Hayden Panettiere, and her younger brother, and the late Jansen Panettiere/Courtesy of Getty Images

While Panettiere had notable acting credits to his name, in recent years, he had been focusing more on his art—photography, and painting—as well. He posted much of his work on Instagram. He shared in 2019, “I’m a painter now. I’ve painted for most of my life but only as of recent have I self-identified with the practice. It’s my therapy,”

Panettiere’s ex-girlfriend, Catherine Michie, took to Instagram after his passing to offer her condolences and a message of grief. She shared, “Jansen, I met you only a year ago, but you have been my best friend and biggest fan. I will never forget the first time I saw your face and the first things you said to me. Words cannot express the pain of knowing I won’t hear your laugh again.”

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