Johnny Depp Thanks Company For Standing by Him – It’s Definitely NOT Disney

Johnny Depp Thanks Dior
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It has been a rough few years for Johnny Depp. In 2018, his ex-wife Amber Heard released an OpEd inĀ The Washington Post claiming that she was the victim of domestic violence. While she did not name Depp, she did say that she was abused during the years that the two were married. The blowback against Depp was instant and brutal. Things got so bad that he ended up suing Heard for defamation and winning a $10 million judgment.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard

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During the trial, Depp admitted that he has struggled with alcohol and drugs for years. He also revealed that he lost tens of millions of dollars in income due to losing multiple jobs after the OpEd came out. Heard countersued for defamation and was awarded $2 million.

It has been just over a year since a jury determined that, while Depp and Heard had defamed each other, Heard was more at fault. But that decision has not brought Depp’s acting career back to the massive success that it once was. However, there is one company that has always stuck by Depp, and he is telling the world what that meant to him.

Johnny Depp

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In a recent interview with theĀ China Morning Post, Depp thanked Dior, who offered him a multi-million dollar contract, even though he was still in the heat of battle with Heard.

“Nobody does that, and the fact that Dior has, I thank every single person involved in making the decision to trust me and stick with me all the way from the bottom to the top and back down. I will forever be in their debt, I will forever be loyal.”

Depp has been an ambassador for Dior since 2015 and has starred in a number of commercials to advertise the company’s Sauvage cologne.

Johnny Depp Dior

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Dumped By Disney

Not long after Heard’s accusations about Depp came to light, the actor began losing jobs left and right — despite the fact that Heard had provided no evidence to back up her claims.

One of the companies that dropped Depp was The Walt Disney Company. During the trial, Depp revealed that he was working with Disney and renowned producer Jerry Bruckheimer on Pirates of the Caribbean 6. When Disney decided not to work with Depp again, he says that he lost an estimated $22 million.

johnny depp dior

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Disney has not publicly apologized to Depp, but a Disney executive has said that the company will “never say never” when it comes to working with him in the future. However, it doesn’t look like Depp is interested in returning. While testifying during the trial, he said that he wouldn’t work with Disney again, even if they offered him $300 million and one million alpacas.

Johnny Depp Hollywood Vampires

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PiratesĀ producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, has said that he would love to work with Depp in the future. Bruckheimer works with a number of studios, so it is definitely a possibility that the two will work together at some point. He has also said that there are a number ofĀ PiratesĀ scripts in the works, but we do not know if any of them feature Captain Jack Sparrow.

Recently, it was also revealed that Disney purchased aĀ PiratesĀ story fromĀ The Last of Us showrunner, Craig Mazin. Mazin admitted that even he was shocked Disney bought it, calling the story “weird.”

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