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Jonas Brothers
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Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas are back, baby! The Jonas Brothers announced today they will release their second single from their upcoming SIXTH album, The Album. It is called, “Waffle House”.


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The Jonas Brothers share: “Growing up, we would go to Waffle House after shows, and it became our sanctuary. It was the place we dreamt up ideas, the place where we worked through our problems together, and the place where we finally realized we could find our way through anything as long as we came together.

“Waffle House” was born from a simple but powerful idea: When you sit down with the people that matter most, anything is possible. This song isn’t about a restaurant, it’s about coming together with the people you love and making your dreams come true.

Don’t get stressed, it’s gonna get figured out.

Waffle House is out April 7th.”


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Waffle House is an American chain restaurant with a cult following. Most restaurants are located in the southern states of America, with the state of Georgia having over 400 locations. They are famous for being open 24/7, 365 days a year, and have only on very very few occasions (like Disney Parks) closed due to weather-related occurrences…or ya know COVID! Their waitstaff has been praised on social media for having a taking no-punches and sassy attitude.

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The Jonas Brothers on the other hand, are of course, three brothers from New Jersey who will be going on tour this summer to support their new album.


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