VIDEO: Lightning Streaks Over EPCOT

lightning epcot

Stunning visuals of lightning streaking over Walt Disney World were making their rounds, and the footage is worth the watch.

The Walt Disney World Resort is no stranger to extreme weather. Just recently, we at Disney Fanatic broke a story of a funnel cloud forming over EPCOT though it didn’t actually touch down and become a tornado. But while this kind of weather can be scary for Guests, it also leaves us with breathtaking visuals to take in.

Epcot at Night

EPCOT, The Walt Disney World Resort/Disney

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The same night that the funnel cloud formed over Disney World, Guests at EPCOT saw lightning over the same area. Disney journalist Scott Gustin took to the social media platform to share a slow-motion video of lightning streaking over Spaceship Earth, and it’s gorgeous.

Check it out:

Gustin shared a few different videos, all capturing the lightning and they were all stunning.

Of course, some Guests took the humorous path, drawing a parallel between the crazy time EPCOT had been having this week. Twitter user, The Disney Central Hub, @TheDisneyHub1, commented, “Man Epcot is just having quite the day today lol. Walt wasn’t happy about the parks panel either.”

As fans know, the D23 Expo panel, “A Boundless Future: Disney Parks, Experiences and Products,” hosted by Josh D’Amaro, the Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, was one of the most highly anticipated panels of the entire Expo, but at the end of it, fans were left just a bit confused and more than a little frustrated.

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This isn’t the first time that lightning has hit the Walt Disney World Resort. Earlier this year, some Guests reported that they narrowly missed being struck by lightning but also shared some incredible photos from the encounter.

Lightning Strike at the Magic Kingdom/Scott Campbell/Twitter

Lightning Strike at the Magic Kingdom/Scott Campbell/Twitter

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EPCOT has had an eventful week between the altercation that broke out earlier and now the funnel cloud and lightning. Definitely one for the books!

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