‘Ms. Marvel’ Newcomer Sends Intense Marvel Questionnaire to Kevin Feige

iman vellani kevin feige

Iman Vellani sent in a self-taped audition for the new Disney+ show¬†Ms. Marvel¬†on a whim — and now that the young Pakistani-Canadian Marvel fan who was previously about to embark on a quest for an integrated media college degree has unexpectedly switched to working onscreen for Marvel, she apparently has had a lot of questions for Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige!

iman vellani ms marvel

Newcomer Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan and Ms. Marvel.

The newcomer Iman Vellani recently spoke to the D23 Official Disney Fan Club on the D23 podcast and revealed not only her personal enthusiasm for many a Marvel comic and her excitement to be working with Marvel stars like Brie Larson or Samuel L. Jackson as Kamala Khan in The Marvels, but also her eagerness to question Marvel president Kevin Feige about everything and anything Marvel-related or otherwise.

Apparently, shortly after unexpectedly becoming a Marvel star, the Pakistani-Canadian high school graduate compiled a long questionnaire for Kevin Feige. The questions had plenty of Marvel comic inquiries as their focus, but the young actress has revealed to D23 that some personal questions also showed up in the 72 queries!


Newcomer Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan. Kamala Khan and Ms. Marvel are joining Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, and Nick Fury in ‘The Marvels’. Credit: Marvel Studios

“It was a wide range of questions [such as] ‘How many hours of sleep do you get?’ [and] ‘Does the physics of Ant-Man bother you?'” Vellani joked. “I get so nervous when he talks to me. He called me after I gave him that letter and answered like 40”.

However, Feige was careful about his answers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe questions. “He wasn’t even answering most of them…He doesn’t answer properly. He’s so good at it. I hate it,” Iman Vellani added laughingly.

iman vellani ms marvel disney wish

Kamala Khan and Ms. Marvel (played by newcomer Iman Vellani) joins the Disney Wish for an interactive Avengers experience. Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The¬†Ms. Marvel¬†star apparently did also directly ask Kevin Feige the big Spider-Man question pertaining to Spider-Man: No Way Home¬†(i.e. whether or not there were three Spider-men in the Marvel movie) and Feige dodged her question in a “sneaky” way just like he and the Spider-Man¬†movie’s actors (such as Tom Holland and Zendaya) did for everyone else who asked before the movie’s premiere!

Which questions would you ask Kevin Feige (the president of Marvel Studios and a main producer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) if you had the chance?



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