Iman Vellani Films ‘The Marvels’ With Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson

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Iman Vellani was already a huge fan of Ms. Marvel (aka Kamala Khan) and Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) before she ever made the spur-of-the-moment decision to audition for a Marvel series out of the blue — so when the high school graduate abruptly found herself switching from college plans to a huge role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she was ecstatic to meet some of the superheroes who had come before her!

iman vellani ms marvel

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan and Ms. Marvel.

Newcomer Iman Vellani was recently on the D23 Official Disney Fan Club Podcast and spoke about her second Marvel project, The Marvels (which brings back Brie Larson as Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel, as well as several other Marvel characters such as Nick Fury and Monica Rambeau).

Brie Larson had already expressed support for Iman Vellani’s turn as Ms. Marvel before the show premiered on Disney+, and Iman seemed equally excited while speaking to D23. When asked about what it was like working with the Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson (who plays Captain Marvel) and industry veteran Samuel L. Jackson, Iman Vellani had plenty of positive things to say.


Brie Larson as Captain Marvel Credit:

“It wasn’t freaky filming Ms. Marvel because everyone was kind of either new or this was everyone’s first big thing, and so I wasn’t nervous to be on set or nervous to be starstruck by anyone,” Vellani began. “But then on The Marvels that was like every day for me; just like constant nervous energy and fear. But after seeing Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson mess up their lines, I was like ‘okay, they’re human'”.


Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

“It’s great,” Marvel Cinematic Universe newcomer Iman Vellani enthused. “I learned a lot from them. And they were so supportive; if they ever saw me wanting to try something, they would really support me and be like ‘no do what you were about to do; it might work! Who knows?’ They were super encouraging and I really appreciated that.”

“I just got to learn so much from them,” the cinematography enthusiast (who cites Ingmar Bergman and Agnès Varda as inspiration) added. “and [to] learn from all these established huge names…I’m so lucky.” Iman also spoke about an in-depth questionnaire she gave Kevin Feige, since she was such a big fan of the Marvel comics!

Ms. Marvel is also going to be fangirling beside Captain Marvel on the new Disney Wish cruise ship in a special interactive show! Have you seen Ms. Marvel yet? Are you excited to see Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau back in action, and to see Kamala Khan meet her hero in The Marvels?

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