Orlando-Area Residents Sued by Disney Over Knock-Off Mouse Ears, Other Merchandise

Disney Merchandise Lawsuit

Disney’s crackdown on merchandise continues, and one of the latest targets appears to be two Kississimme companies selling knock-off mouse ears and other Themed memorabilia.

Reports state that Christopher and Hannah Martin’s companies, The Secret Disney Group and Popsella Marketplace, are being accused of producing and selling merchandise using Disney’s intellectual property.

Disney Merchandise Lawsuit

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The Martin’s companies are just two of a plethora of Disney-loving creatives who use small businesses to sell their fan work over Etsy and other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. But it appears that this is not the first time this particular couple have run into problems with the Mouse.

The Walt Disney Company

Credit: The Walt Disney Company

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According to the case summary:

The Walt Disney Company and LucasFilm Entertainment filed a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit against The Secret Dis Group LLC a/k/a The Secret Disney Group and other defendants on Thursday in Florida Middle District Court. The suit, filed by Holihan Law, accuses the defendants of selling unauthorized merchandise and apparel containing Disney and Star Wars characters, including face masks and stickers promoting COVID-19 safety protocols. Counsel have not yet appeared for the defendants. The case is 6:22-cv-02417, Disney Enterprises Inc. et al. v. Secret Dis Group LLC et al.

Whether it is through fan art or reselling official merch, The Walt Disney Company has begun cracking down on the secondary market. Disney Fanatic recently shared that at least one Park has prohibited reselling, saying,

“Customers shall not engage in any of the following acts when using the Park. In addition, the violation of this paragraph shall be reasonably determined by the Company based on rational grounds.”

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It is unclear at this time what sorts of repercussions the Martins could face for ignoring Disney’s cease and desist request. But a look at the defendants’ website suggests that they do not plan on selling their products any time soon.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney news and stories as more developments come to light.

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